Who Is the Butterbean wife? Details All about Libby Gaskin

Butterbean wife
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Eric Scott Esch, commonly known as Butterbean, is a former heavyweight fighter in the United States who competed in boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and wrestling. He is well recognised for his achievements in the sports of boxing and wrestling. Eric Scott Esch has won the World Toughman Heavyweight Championship five times. Interestingly, he got his moniker after eating solely chicken and butterbeans. To compete in the ring, he had to weigh in at the 400-pound limit set by Toughman. Esch made his professional boxing debut in 1994 and has since risen quickly. He left wrestling in 2012, mixed martial arts in 2016, and kickboxing in 2009. He is also a television star, having been on multiple reality shows and being recognised by several others.

Libby Gaskin, who is Butterbeans wife?

Mr. Beans Barbecue Alabama is owned by Butterbean wife, Libby Gaskin. They founded Mr. Bean’s Butterbean wife with their children in 2018. In December 1984, Libby and Eric married. They were both teenagers when they decided to marry, a choice that has lasted over 40 years. Libby is Esch’s best friend and the sweetest, greatest person he knows. Eric lavishes praise on his wife Libby, and the lovely pair adores spending time together. Eric Scott Esch and Libby Ann Gaskin have been married for 38 years. They will celebrate their wedding anniversary on December 14th.

Age of Libby Gaskin

There is no solid information available on Libby’s true age or birthdate. Her companion Eric is 56 years old, and she appears to be around the same age.

How did Butterbean and Libby Gaskin meet?

We may presume that the couple is happy and does not believe that the entire public should know anything about their private life or marriage because there is no information about their wedding. The general public has no idea how and when Eric met his future wife, Libby, or when they agreed to marry. Eric and Libby tied the knot in December 1984.

Are Butterbean and Libby Gaskin parents?

Brandon, Caleb, and Grace are Butterbean and Libby’s three children. Brandon, Caleb, and Grace are Butterbean and Libby’s three children. They are all based in Alabama or close by. The Esch brothers have previously participated in mixed martial arts. Former wrestler Brandon is the oldest son of Butterbean. However, he is 37 years old and six feet tall, and he competed as Babybean from 2008 to 2010. Butterbean, a skilled boxer, and his girlfriend, Libby, welcomed Caleb Esch as their second child. He, like his brother and father, competes in MMA and has a record of 1 win and 4 defeats. Grace, Eric and Libby’s only daughter, is the youngest kid. She currently works as the bartender manager at Mr. Beans Barbecue.

Libby Gaskin’s Instagram

Libby’s private Instagram account, @libbygaskin, is where she shares about her daily life. Yet, because it is set to private, it is evident that Libby does not appreciate being in the limelight.

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