The red bull duo aims for 1-2 in Sao Paulo for the Brazilian GP

red bull Brazilian GP

The red bull duo – Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez both are confident about the upcoming Sao Paulo/ Brazilian GP.

Red bull and Max Verstappen have been on another level this season. Out of the 20 rounds so far, the team has won 16. Sergio Perez has also been a phenomenal second driver to his mate Max Verstappen.

The team is on a streak of 9 race wins. The team so far has won every race since the season restarted after the summer break. One of the drivers stood on the top spot with Verstappen breaking the record for most wins in a season ever.

But how do the bulls stand for challenging the 10th win this weekend in Brazil?

First of all, it’s a no-brainer to consider red bull and Max Verstappen as the favorites to win the Brazilian GP. However, the sprint format and Lewis Hamilton’s affinity to the track add a different flavor to the race.

Recently, Mercedes is emerging to be the team closest to a red bull with Ferrari seeming to lose to the Silver Arrows in car development.

Even if the prancing horse does make a comeback in Brazil would it be enough to stop Max Verstappen and red bull?

Verstappen thinks he has a “good chance”

Max Verstappen has already broken the record for most wins in a season with 14 wins so far this season. The Dutchman is flying this year and seems unstoppable. When asked to assess his chances of winning the Brazilian GP, the Dutchman replied:

 “I think we have a good chance. The car is quick and I think this track normally should be good for us. I’m excited and, of course, I’ll try to win.”

The now 2-time world champion has already won the Brazilian GP in Sao Paulo back in 2019. Verstappen showcased a tough fight for the front last year too in his fierce battle with Lewis Hamilton. When asked about this mentioning a rematch this year, Verstappen replied:

“Not necessarily a rematch. We were just not quick enough last year. I think this year it’s completely different – the car is a lot more competitive. I just see that there’s a really good opportunity to win, so we’ll definitely try that.”

Perez still has “everything to win” at the Brazilian GP

Sergio Perez is also aiming high for the Brazilian GP. The Mexican driver is determined to extend his 5 points advantage over Charles Leclerc in the Drivers’ championship in the last 2 races to secure a 1-2 for red bull on the standings:

“I am going into the final two races of the season still feeling like I have everything to win. We might be constructors’ champions but as a team, and for me personally, it is hugely important to secure a one-two in the drivers’ championship,” said Perez.

“For that I need to keep fighting and stay driven to achieve the best possible result in every race, including this weekend’s Sprint. The Sprint is a chance to score vital points, so it is important we get a good practice session in on Friday morning and qualify well.

“If we put everything together this weekend, we are the team to beat and we are still so driven [to] maintain the incredible form we have going this season.”

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