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T20 World Cup 2021- Top-five favourite team’s to win the title


The ICC T20 World cup returns for its seventh edition after 5 years of gap. The last T20 world cup was organised in 2016 in India, where West Indies lifted the title by defeating England in Eden Garden.The seventh edition T20 World Cup 2021 will be played in UAE and Oman from October 17 to November 14.Earlier the World cup was supposed to be held in Australia in 2020 but due to the pandemic, the tournament further got postponed .
The tournament is now going to be played between 16 teams.. Of the 16 teams, five teams are favourite to lift the title.


1. India

The Indian cricket team is always one of the favourites to win any ICC cricket trophies. So in the upcoming T20 World cup 2021, they are one of the most favourites to lift the title. Due to their star starter players with high-quality bench lines. In the last T20 world cup they’re one of the semifinals. India lost their 2016 semifinal match against the T20 specialist team West Indies. Since their last T20 World cup campaign team India played around 70 T20I matches in these 5 years. From these 70 T20I’s they win around 47 T20I matches with a win rate of 67%.

Indian team will be led by Virat Kohli in the upcoming World cup. He has a good T20 success rate since his captaincy from 2017 after Dhoni step downs as Indian Captain from T20 cricket. India is also going to be benefited because of the IPL seasons every year. As the Indian players get the opportunity to brush their skill by playing in the biggest cricket league the Indian Premier League.


India have many T20 specialist youngsters who shows their talent in the last IPL matches. This player can be India’s key performer in the upcoming World cup. The Indian team is not only benefited by IPL matches but also the venue is where the tournaments are going to be held. The. The Indian Premier League is held their last two seasons in UAE because of a pandemic.

2. England

The last 2016 world cup runners up England. Another top 5 favourites along with India, Australia, West Indies and Pakistan to win the T20 World Cup 2021. And to win their second t20 World cup title. They are the favourites as England is the No 1 T20 team in the World in the recent ICC team rankings with 7786 points followed by India. England is not only the no 1 t20 team but also England batsmen David Malan secured the no 1 position in the t20 batting list. In the recent ICC player ranking 841 points followed by Babar Azam. In their last world cup campaign in 2016 England lost the final match against the Caribbean (West Indies) with 4 wickets at Eden Garden.

But in the 2019 ODI World Cup England lift the title after defeating New Zealand in their home ground. After the 2016 World cup, England played around 50 T20I matches from which they win around 30 matches with a success rate of 60%. England is in a good shape as from their last 6 T20l’s they wins 5 of them. They a the kind of players who can change the course of the game on their own. A player like Eon Morgan, Ben Stokes, Jos Butler, etc. But England players need to join the second phase of the IPL season in UAE to bring and keep their touch. The players are not confirmed to join the IPL in UAE.

England will be led by their cool and calm captain Eon Morgan who helps England to bring the World cup title to home for the first time. He will be supported by their star starred players.

3. West Indies

The defending champion is another favourite to retain their title in the upcoming T20 World Cup 2021. West Indies win the 2016 ICC World cup twenty20 by beating England with 4 wickets remaining in Eden Garden. The Caribbean is known as the T20 Specialist in the world of cricket because of their big hitting players. They have the most numbers of T20 specialists in their squad. The biggest star of T20 cricket and the West Indies batsmen Chris Gayle is the powerhouse of hitting big sixes. He is the greatest T20 cricketer of all time. Gayle can again help West Indies to retain their title by winning the second T20 world cup in 2021 in a row.


Since their 2016 World Cup campaign West Indies played around 61 T20I matches during these 5 years. They manage to win only 24 T20I’s matches out of 61 with a success rate of only 24 per cent. West Indies is not in a good shape but they can easily change that average performance to the best performance by winning the T20 World Cup 2021. Due to their power full hitters Chris Gayle, Andre Russell and many more can change the direction of the game on their own. The players are getting to practice and bring back their form before T20 World Cup 2021 by featuring in their going CPL (the Caribbean Premier League).

After finishing CPL the West Indies will travel to UAE to join the second phase of IPL 2021. They have enough chances for getting ready before going to the World cup tournament. West Indies will be led by their most experienced player Keiron Pollard in the Upcoming tournament.

4. Australia


The Australian cricket team is another team along with India that remains a favourite to win any ICC cricket trophies. As always the Kangaroos is in the top 5 favourites list to lift the T20 World Cup 2021. Australia has a good chance to win their first-ever ICC World Cup twenty20. In their last t20 world cup campaign in 2016, India knocked out the Kangaroos at the quarterfinals. After their last World Cup Australia played around 57 T20l matches during these 5 years from which they manage to win 29 matches with a success rate of 51 per cent. And in their last 10 T20i matches Australia could only win two matches.

The Kangaroos are not in that good form but are still favourites to win the upcoming World cup. Due to their heavyweight players in the squad like Steve Smith, Aaron Finch, David Warner, etc. With the experience of this high-class player. Australia has the ability to change the course of the game in a few overs. The Australian players need to joins the second phase IPL in UAE to bring their form bacK before going for the world cup. They can even understand the pitch condition of UAE by playing in IPL. As the upcoming T20 world cup is going to be held in UAE. The Australian team will be led by their most experienced player Aaron Finch in the World Cup.

5. Pakistan

Pakistan cricket team is in one of the top five lists that can win the T20 World Cup 2021. They are regarded as one of the most dangerous teams in the T20 format of cricket. Due to some of their high-class players like Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan. These two players also get listed in the new ICC rankings. Babar Azam is placed as the No 1 ODI batsman in the world. And also he was the second in the list of T20 batsmen after England Batsmen David Malan by 22 points behind him.

Mohammad Rizwan was placed in no 7 positions after Indian batsmen KL Rahul and followed by New Zealand batsmen Martin Guptill. Pakistan will be benefited because the tournament will be held in UAE and the condition of the pitch is quite similar to their home pitch. In their last 2016 T20 world cup campaign Australia knocked out Pakistan in the group stage in
Punjab Cricket Association stadium. After the 2016 world cup, the Pakistan cricket team played around 66 T20Is matches. From which they manage to win 46 matches with a success rate of 70 per cent.. The highest success rate among the top five lists in the T20 match of 5 years.

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