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Situation hot in the red bull garage

The relationship between the red bull F1 racing teammates Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen severed after the Brazilian GP.

Brazilian GP was not the best outing for the red bull F1 team this season. The race ended red bull’s streak of wins in the last 9 races. The team was aiming for a 1-2 finish before the race however, it didn’t happen.

The finish was still decent given how the conditions and factors affected the drivers. Verstappen suffered damage due to the collision with Hamilton and Perez was also affected by poor strategy choice.

Nevertheless, some things took an even worse turn in the final parts of the race and only increased following the end of the race.

After the restart of the second safety car, Sergio Perez was on slower medium tires while everyone around him was on the softer compound. This meant that Perez was a sitting duck for the rest of the field, and it did turn out that way.

Verstappen denies helping Perez

At the restart, Perez was P3 however, he was soon overtaken by Carlos Sainz followed by Charles Leclerc and even Fernando Alonso. By now, Perez had Verstappen on his rear. The Mexican let Verstappen pass without much fight as ordered so that he could chase down Alonso and even Leclerc as the Dutchman was on fresher soft Tyres.

However, the Dutchman failed to get close enough to Fernando Alonso. As a result, he was asked to give his place back to Perez. Perez needed the extra points for his fight against Leclerc for P2 in the Drivers’ standings.

Verstappen was asked thrice to give the place back, but the Dutchman bluntly refused to do so. Verstappen clearly said on his radio denying the place. The 2-time world champion irritatingly said:

I told you already last time – you guys don’t ask that again to me, ok? Are we clear about that?
“I gave my reasons and I stand by it.”

This also resulted in a sharp response from Perez on the radio saying:

“Yeah, thank you for that guys. Thank you. This shows who he really is.”

The situation seems hot in the red bull garage right now. For now, neither the team nor Verstappen is ready to give the reason behind him denying Perez the place.

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