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Shikha Pandey
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Shikha Pandey is 30 years old.

Height is 168 cm.

60 kg is my weight.

Karimnagar, Telengana is where he was born (then Andhra Pradesh)

Education – Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Electrical Engineering at College

Subash Pandey is the name of his father.

Father works as a Hindi teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya in Goa.

Alternative Career: Air Traffic Controller

$73 million is his net worth.

Unmarried marital status

Taurus is the Zodiac sign.

Early Years

Shikha Pandey life is not typical of the stories we hear about female cricketers. She wasn’t the girl who really wanted to play cricket but couldn’t because her family wouldn’t let her. Instead, she was the girl who was constantly preoccupied with her schoolwork.

Her father, Subash Pandey, gave her a plastic bat when she was just five years old. Shikha has always had a fondness for cricket. But she never imagined herself becoming a cricketer one day. Her family moved to Goa when she was quite little, from Andhra Pradesh.

Pandey was always outstanding in school. Pandey will almost certainly be reading a book in her spare time. The bibliophile was always proud of his grades. She received more than 90% on both her secondary and higher secondary exams.

With the majority of her students coming from military families, Pandey’s school planned a presentation on the Indian Air Force. That happened just when Pandey was contemplating on her next steps in life. She was so preoccupied with the prospect of joining the Air Force that cricket took a back place.

She committed her entire life to her dream. To help with this, she enrolled in the Goa College of Engineering’s Electronics and Electrical Engineering programme. Pandey was doing well in engineering, just as she had done in school.

Domestic Work

Pandey was completely focused on her desire of joining the Indian Air Force. Only after she graduated did she consider taking a year off to try her hand at cricket. She was chosen for the Goa team and performed admirably for them.

Her achievements drew the attention of many, including former Indian cricketer Surekha Bhandare. She informed Pandey’s father of her desire to represent the Indian side. When his father heard this, he urged her to pursue a career in cricket.

At this time, she caught the eye of another ex-Indian cricketer, Purnima Rao. Pandey quickly found herself on the bad side of Board President XI. Yet she didn’t quit studying totally throughout this period. Her major concentration was always on the Air Force.

She took the admission examinations and passed them with flying colours as well. In 2011, she became an Air Traffic Controller. She has able to coordinate her jobs in the Air Force and the Indian squad with ease, thanks to the backing of the Air Force Sports Control Board.

Shikha Pandey International Career Biographical

Pandey received her national call-up three years after achieving her original ambition of entering the Air Force. She was chosen for a T20I against Bangladesh at Cox’s Bazar. Pandey not only allowed 14 runs in four overs, but he also dismissed opener Shamima Sultana.

Her first ODI appearance came over a year later, against England in Scarborough. She did not, however, take a wicket this time. Her first Test appearance was also against England, at Wormsley. Pandey grabbed three wickets and scored 31 runs in that game.


Pandey made history in 2014 when she became the first female cricketer in India to make a half-century and take three wickets in the same match. She did it against South Africa. She is also Goa’s first female cricketer to represent India. Pandey also received the Dilip Sardesai Award for Sports Excellence.


Pandey has 73 wickets in 52 ODIs. She has also maintained a fantastic economy rate of less than 4 runs per over. Pandey has 29 wickets in 45 matches in the shortest version of the game, with an economy rate of little over 7 runs per over. She has also taken four wickets in two Test matches. She has also scored 507 runs in one-day internationals and 187 runs in Twenty20 internationals. Pandey has two international four-wicket hauls.

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