Sebastian Vettel’s one last race as Lewis Hamilton gives emotional tribute

Sebastian Vettel
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One of the main talking points of the 2022 Abu Dhabi GP is the retirement of Sebastian Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel dropped the ultimate bomb with his retirement news earlier this year. The four-time world champion decided to hang his helmet at the end of this year.

The German is leaving the sport to concentrate more on his family and spend time with them while pursuing other hobbies at the same time.

Coming to the 2022 Abu Dhabi GP, the Aston Martin driver will be completing his 300 race entries as he puts an end to an illustrious racing career. The 53 times race winner will have an emotional goodbye in Abu Dhabi.

The whole grid came together last night for a dinner to pay their respect to the departing legend.

#RunwithSeb – Vettel organizes a celebratory track gathering

Sebastian Vettel has invited all the teams and their members alongside media to join him in a track run/walk after the Qualifying on Saturday. This celebratory run is nicknamed under the hashtag #RunWithSeb.

Aston Martin released an official statement stating: “This is how Vettel has chosen to say goodbye to all those people who have been part of his Formula 1 journey”.

In the final meal ahead of the Abu Dhabi GP weekend, all the 19 rivals of Vettel turned up. This was remarkable as every driver came to show his respect to the departing legend.

Vettel is also the Director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association. He is the central figure in closing the gap between the drivers and the FIA. He is the main figure when it comes to addressing key issues like driver safety and environmental concerns.

Lewis Hamilton pays tribute to Sebastian Vettel

One of the biggest rivals of Sebastian Vettel in his Ferrari days and even Red bull – Lewis Hamilton has also paid his tribute to the departing legend. The 7-time world champion earlier also expressed his gratefulness to Vettel back when he announced his retirement earlier this year.

Hamilton posted a photo on his Instagram alongside Vettel. The Briton also wrote a heartfelt message below the post in the caption.

Hamilton said: “We’ve come a long way as drivers and continue to grow as men. Despite whatever may happen on the track we grow and become better each day. Us all coming together to celebrate life and Seb’s amazing career in F1 is truly a night I’ll never forget.”

Hamilton and Vettel undoubtedly have shared a lot of memories. Both multi-time world champions were fierce rivals, however, came together when it came to addressing the issues of the sport. Both are truly the legends of the sport.

We at Sportsbeez wish Sebastian Vettel the best of luck for his next stage of life. The streets of all the circuits you have raced on will never forget you, Legend.

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