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Sachin Tendulkar records: 10 Unbroken records of Sachin


Sachin Tendulkar is the most renowned name in the world of cricket. He is one of the greatest cricketers of all time that grace the game of cricket for more than two decades. In his 23 years of cricketing career, Sachin makes several numbers records that are still unbroken. Let’s look at the 10 number of Sachin Tendulkar records.


1. Highest runs getter in Test Cricket

From several Sachin Tendulkar records, one of his records is the highest runs in Test cricket as well as in ODI format. Which is still unbroken in history and expected to remain unbroken in future as well.The master blaster scores more than 15900 runs during his career with a batting average of 53. He was followed by another legend of cricket the Ricky Pointing.

However, there are only batsmen who could break this record Alastair cook and Indian captain Virat Kohli. However, it couldn’t be possible as Alastair Cook took retirement from international cricket in 2018. And the Indian captain Virat Kohli could break the record but he is now 31 years old so, it seems to be difficult for him to reach the 15000 run mark.
Therefore, he already scores more than 7000 runs in test cricket.


2. Most run-getters in ODI as well

He is not only the most run-getters in Test format but also the highest run-scorer in ODI format as well. Therefore, Sachin Tendulkar record as the only first ever batsman to score 18000 plus runs in ODI cricket. The master blaster scores around 18400 runs in his 460 matches for India with a batting average of 44.80 and has 49 centuries.


Therefore, he was followed by a former legend cricketer and captain of Sri Lanka, Kumar Sangakkara with 14200 runs. Moreover, Sangakkara is still more than 4000 runs behind Tendulkar. It’s is an impressive record by a cricketer to be the highest run-getters in both Test and ODI cricket.


3. The only player to score the highest number of Test centuries record.

The little master is the only batsman in the world to score more than 50 centuries in the history of the Test format. He scores 51 Test centuries in his 200 test matches during his career with an impressive batting average of 53. It is another Sachin Tendulkar record from his several records.

Moreover, 29 (57%) from 51 of his test centuries comes out of the country. So, this shows that why is known as the God of cricket. Because he does not only score centuries in the home ground but he scores more centuries in away matches.


4. Highest number of Test matches in history


It’s an absolute honour for any player to play 200 test matches for his country. One of the best Sachin Tendulkar records as he is the first-ever and the only batsman in history to play 200 Test matches for India. However, it is a dream for any player to reach this mark as most of the players only avail to reach 150 test marks.


Therefore, there are only three players who cross 150 test matches mark Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Pointing and Steve Waugh. But the two legends are still 32 matches behind Tendulkar’s 200 record. Moreover, it seems unbreakable record in the future due to less number of test matches played now than before.


5. The only player with the longest ODI career

Another one on the list of Sachin Tendulkar records. The Longest ODI career in the history of cricket with 22 years and 117 days played by any player in ODI. The 48 years old started his ODI career at the age of 16 against Pakistan in the year 1989 and the rest is history.


It’s will be an unbreakable record in the history of ODI cricket. Moreover, some other players have longer careers but are not like him in the ODI format. Tendulkar played his last ODI matches in 2012 against Pakistan. It is a coincidence that he played his first ODI match and last ODI match against Pakistan.


6. World Cup highest run-getter

Sachin Tendulkar records also remain in the biggest cricket title the World Cup. World Cup is held after every four years, Tendulkar in total played 6 World cups in his career. In 2011 he wins his first-ever World Cup and India wins their second World cup after 28 years. During his sixth World cup campaign, he scores around 2278 runs with an impressive batting average of 56.95.

His 2278 runs include 15 half-centuries and 6 centuries in the World Cup campaign. However, this record is still unbroken but it is expected that it will be broken in the future.


7. the Only cricketer to have the most number runs in a single batting position

He also holds a record for most runs in a single batting position. Sachin Tendulkar records 13000 runs mark in the 4th batting position for India in Test cricket. During his 275 matches in a single batting position, Tendulkar scores around 13492 run with a good batting average of 54.50. His 13000 run mark includes 44 centuries and he was followed by former Australian captain Ricky Pointing.

Pointing in his all test matches where he avails to score around 13378 runs. In third former England batsmen Alastair Cook with 11845 runs in his 278 matches batting in the opening position.


8. Highest number of fours in Test cricket

Another one in the Test cricket of Sachin Tendulkar records. He holds the highest number of fours in the history of Test cricket. The only cricketer that has 2000 fours in his name at Test cricket. However, there are no players that have cross 1500 marks in hitting fours.

The second on the list is former South African Opener Hasim Amla that has 1145 fours. He is far behind Sachin’s record so, it is one of the unbreakable records in Test cricket by him.


9. The player with the most number of half-centuries in ODI format

Another Sachin Tendulkar record in ODI format. The master blaster holds a record of the highest number of half-centuries in ODI cricket. During his 22 years and four months ODI career he played around 463 matches in which he scores 96 half-centuries just 4 half-centuries to make it 100 half-centuries.

So, he is the only player to achieve this milestone. None of the other players is near the record. Therefore, Tendulkar also has a record of the highest 100 centuries along with the highest half-centuries.


10. The only player in history to hit centuries for 100 times.

The record of centuries for 100 times in international cricket is one of the most prestigious in the list of Sachin Tendulkar records. As the run machine is the first and only ever cricketer to achieve this milestone of 100 centuries.

His 100 centuries includes 51 centuries in Test cricket and 49 centuries in ODI cricket. So, Sachin achieves this record in the match against Bangladesh in the year 2012. Therefore, this record is going to be unbreakable in history

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