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Prithvi Shaw News: Argument, Attack ,charges

Prithvi Shaw News
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In the early hours of Wednesday, Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw News was allegedly involved in an altercation with a woman social media influencer named Sapna Gill and her friend Shobit Thakur outside a hotel in Mumbai’s Santacruz area.

Gill was arrested after evidence was found of her involvement in the incident. Prithvi Shaw’s friend filed a complaint stating that Gill and Thakur misbehaved with Shaw and demanded money.

Why this Prithvi Shaw incident happened?

The incident occurred after the cricketer refused to take selfies with Gill. Gill and seven others have been booked for damaging Prithvi Shaw News car, intimidating him and threatening to implicate him in a fake case. Gill was arrested after preliminary inquiries found evidence of her involvement in the incident.

Argument and misbehaviour in Prithvi
Shaw incident —

According to Prithvi Shaw’s flatmate and friend, Ashish Yadav, who filed a complaint about the incident, Shaw initially agreed to take a selfie with Gill and Thakur, but when they insisted on taking more pictures with him, he declined their request.
This led to the two individuals misbehaving with Prithvi Shaw in an inebriated state, and the hotel manager intervened and asked them to leave.

Gill’s lawyer argued that she was a fan of Shaw and wanted to take a selfie with him, but Prithvi Shaw was drunk and misbehaved with her. The police also mentioned that Gill and Thakur were intoxicated during the incident.

Attack on Prithvi Shaw after incident:–

Later, when Prithvi Shaw and Yadav left the hotel, they saw Thakur holding a baseball bat, and he went on to attack the windshield of Shaw’s car. Gill also manhandled Shaw, following which he was moved to another car while Yadav and others drove his car to the police station.

Accused demands in Prithvi Shaw saga

The accused followed them to the station and demanded Rs 50,000 to settle the matter or threatened to file a fake police complaint. Yadav then filed a complaint against the accused.

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