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MS Dhoni records as captain, wicketkeeper and batsmen in both International and IPL


MS Dhoni is one of the greatest cricketers and captain of all time. He has the quality of three in one as a great leader, the finest finisher and the fastest man behind the stumps. During his 14 years in international cricket, he achieves several records as a Captain, batsmen and wicketkeeper in all three formats of cricket. Let see some of his mind-blowing records.

MS Dhoni records as Captain

ICC Trophies

M.s Dhoni records are the only cricket captain in the world who wins all the three major ICC trophies ICC cricket World Cup, ICC T20I World Cup and ICC Champions Trophy. He was appointed as the new Indian captain who will lead the team in the upcoming T20 World cup in South Africa in the year 2007. During his first year as a captain, he led the team India to their first-ever T20 title after winning a thrilling match against the biggest rival Pakistan in the final.

After his success in the T20 World cup as a captain. Dhoni is also appointed as ODI captain. Three years later of his first ICC trophy in 2011 again Dhoni with his team Indian brigade went hunting down another World Cup Trophy. India wins their first ICC Cricket World after 28 years by defeating Sri Lanka in the final at Wankhede stadium on home ground. Team India is lead by Dhoni, in the match, he also scores the most important 91 runs to help India to wins the title.

His third ICC trophy is the 2013 Champions Trophy.
India wins their third ICC Champions Trophy in June 2013. They won by defeating England in the final at their home ground England. After winning all three major ICC trophies he makes a record to be the only Captain to achieve this milestone.

The highest number of captained in International cricket record


Dhoni achieved the milestone of the highest number of captaincies for his country in international cricket. During his 10 journeys as a captain of India from 2007 to 2017, he crosses many ups and downs. And in 2017 he handover his captaincy to Virat Kohli and he steps it down. In total, he captained team India in around 331 matches in all formats.

He was followed by Australian legend and former captain Ricky Pointing as in total he captained Australia for around 324 matches. MSD led team India in 60 Tests, 200 ODIs and 72 T20I cricket.

The only Indian captain to take India at No.1 Test position

No, any other Indian captain who takes India in the No.1 Test position. The captain cool is the one who could make it successful in 2009. As ICC announce their Test team rankings. He also wins the ICC Test Championship Mace. The only Indian to win this.

Most number of T20 wins for the country as captain

After achieving the T20 world cup in 2007 as the only Indian captain to win. He also achieves to be the most number of match-winner as captain according to innings. The captain cool led the team Indian in around 72 T20 matches from which he wins 42 matches which is the most number of wins by a captain individually.


India’s most successful captain

M.s Dhoni is the only Indian captain with the most successful rate in terms of wins, trophies and achievements. In total, he wins around 180 matches for India includes 110 ODIs, 41 T20I and 27 Test matches.


IPL captaincy M.s Dhoni records

The Chennai Super Kings Captain Dhoni is the only IPL captain to more than 150 IPL matches. And he was also the captain to win more than 100 IPL matches. During his IPL Dhoni wins three IPL titles early he was the highest IPL winner captain. But last year Mumbai Indians Captain Rohit Sharma beats Ms Dhoni by winning the 2020 IPL and lift the title for the fourth time. The only captain who led his team to 10 playoffs in IPL out of 11 seasons.

MS Dhoni records as wicketkeeper

Dismissal by Stumping

Dhoni is one of the greatest wicket keepers of all time along with Kumar Sangakkara, Mark Boucher and Adam Gilchrist, etc. He has the fastest hand behind the stumps as it is said if you miss Dhoni hits. Dhoni holds a record for the fastest stumping in the world at 0.08 seconds.

Due to his lightning-fast hand, MS Dhoni records in the total 191 number of dismissals through stumpings in all formats of cricket. In ODI cricket he has 120 dismissals by stumpings followed by 38 Test cricket dismissals and 33 T20 cricket dismissals. MS Dhoni records in ODI as the only wicketkeeper to have more than 100 dismissals by stumpings.

As he has 123 dismissals followed by Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara 99 dismissals by stumpings. He also holds a record of first and only Asian wicketkeeper to have 21 dismissals via stumpings. Again he was followed by Kumar Sangakkara as he has in total 17 dismissals.

In T20 cricket he again makes a record for the highest number of stumpings with 33 dismissals.


Dismissals via catches

Dhoni is the top third wicketkeeper in the number of dismissals via catches after Mark Boucher and Adam Gilchrist. He has more than 600 dismissals via catches in all formats.

Dhoni was not only the Indian wicketkeeper to have the highest number of dismissals via catches in ODI cricket. But also he holds the record of the highest number of dismissals via catches in Test cricket too. In total, he took 321 catches in ODI and 256 catches in Test cricket.

Wicketkeeper as a bowler

Dhoni holds a unique record in his name. As he is the only wicketkeeper who balls nine times in international cricket and he even got a wicket off a West Indies batsmen Travis Dowlin. He balls whenever the team needed him due to certain situations as when their regular bowler gets injured during the game or bowlers couldn’t avail to get the redeem of the game.

IPL record as a wicketkeeper

The captain cool has the highest number of dismissals as a wicketkeeper in IPL history. As he has a total of 132 dismissals which are 94 catches and 38 stumpings. He also has the highest number of stumpings in IPL.


MS Dhoni records as Batsmen

The player with 10,000 plus runs

Captain cool has his style of batting which was accepted to fail by several cricketing experts. But it just remains a word without any result as Dhoni proves what he can do with his bat. He is one of those batsmen who cross the 10,000 run marks in ODI cricket. And the first one to do it with the batting average of 50 plus. With this amazing record, he was named along with the cricketing legends Sachin Tendulkar, Kumar Sangakkara, etc.

Fastest Record to reach in No 1 ICC batting ranking


The Ranchi boy holds the fastest record of reaching the No 1 ICC ranking. After just one 1year and half months of his debut in international cricket with only 42 innings played by him. In the year 2005 Dhoni tops the list of ICC ODI batting ranking and becomes the only player till now who did this in a very short number of matches. It is possible due to his tremendous knock against both Pakistan and Sri Lanka. As he scores his best ODI 183 runs against Sri Lanka in 2005.


Most number of runs and centuries in the lower batting order


Dhoni usually bats at No 6 or no 7. He is the only player who can not hit hard the ball but also can play long innings and finished the match on his own while batting at the No 6 position. So, no other batsman who bats in the No 6 position has that many runs that Dhoni has as a No 6. He has 4035 runs while batting at No. 6

Despite his most number of runs as a lower-order batsman he also has the most number of centuries while batting at number 7. Dhoni scores 2 hundred while batting at the No 7 position.


As everyone knows Dhoni is a hard hitter batsman. He is the highest sixer hitter captain batsman in the world with 204 sixes.


MS Dhoni records as wicketkeeper batsmen

He holds a record of scoring 300 plus runs in a single ODI series by a Wicketkeeper-batsman. During his campaign in the Commonwealth Bank series 2007-08, he scores a total of 347 runs. So, MSD is the only Indian wicketkeeper-batsman to score 10000 plus runs in ODI and 2nd in the world.

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