Most Wickets in IPL from 2008 to 2022

Most Wickets in IPL
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Wicket is a game-turner for every match. Picking wickets is surely a difficult task but for all bowlers and all-rounders, this is what they look for. In this wicket-seeking journey, some wicket-takers made a record of taking maximum wickets in the Indian Premier League (IPL). 10 players are in the top 10 having the Most Wickets in IPL.

DJ Bravo- Most Wickets in IPL #1

Dwayne Bravo, the former West Indies all-rounder’s name comes first in the list of the leading wicket-taker in IPL history. He has played n number of matches for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) squad. Bravo collected a total of 183 wickets in 161 matches. He has delivered a total of 516 overs in his IPL career with an economy rate of 8.38. Along with wickets, he gave 4359 runs. His best pick was 4/22. He was also known for his hard-hitting sixes in his batting time.

Lasith Malinga

Next comes the legendary Lasith Malinga. He has 170 wickets from 122 matches on his name. His economy rate was 7.14 throughout his IPL journey. He was a regular Playing XI of five times IPL champion Mumbai Indians (MI). The pacer delivered a total of 471 overs and gave 3366 runs. His best pick was 5/13.

Amit Mishra and Chahal

In the third and fourth, two Indian names come, Amit Mishra and Yuzvendra Chahal. Amit Mishra is a right-arm leg-break bowler and Chahal is a leg-spin bowler. They both have 166 scalps each. Whereas, Amit Mishra played 154 matches and delivered 540 overs; Chahal played 131 matches and delivered 475 overs, and still actively playing for Rajasthan Royal (RR) in IPL. The duo’s economy rate was 7.36 and 7.61; the best picks were 5/17 and 5/40 respectively.

Piyush Chawla- Most Wickets in IPL#5

Piyush Chawla is in the fifth position bagging 157 wickets within 165 matches. He delivered 545 overs with an economy rate of 7.88. He made runs of 4301 with an average of 27.39. His best pick is 4/17. The sixth position holder is also has taken a total of 157 wickets within 184 matches. He has delivered a total of 649 overs with an economy rate of 6.98. He also gave 4535 runs with a 28.89 average in his IPL bag.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Indian pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar claimed 154 wickets in 146 outings. He has delivered 542 overs with an economy rate of 7.3. He gave 3971 runs in his IPL journey with an average of 25.79. his best pick was 5/19.

Sunil Narine

Next comes the West Indies off-spinner who plays for KKR in IPL Sunil Narine. He played 148 matches and took 152 wickets by delivering 576 overs. He gave 3820 runs with an economy rate of 6.63. his best pick was 5/19.

Harbhajan Singh

In 9th position comes Harbhajan Singh, who has played 163 matches and picked 150 wickets by delivering 569 overs. He gave 4030 runs with an economy rate of 7.08. his best pick was 5/18.

Jasprit Bumrah- Most Wickets in IPL #10

Mumbai India’s Jasprit Bumrah is at 10 of the Most Wickets in IPL. He has played 120 matches and delivered 455 overs. Boom-boom took a total of 145 wickets. He gave runs of 3378 with an economy rate of 7.39. his best pick was 5/10.

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Written by Janhabi Banerjee

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