Max Verstappen surpasses Lewis Hamilton as the most-paid driver in Formula 1 in 2022

highest paid drivers in F1
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Max Verstappen has zoomed past Lewis Hamilton in the latest list of the highest-paid drivers in F1 in 2022.

The rivalry between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton seems to not be limited to track only. Both drivers are arguably the best currently on the grid. Regardless, the rivalry between the two has even stretched to their paychecks.

Forbes recently published the highest-paid driver’s list in F1. The list shows the whopping salary the F1 drivers received driving the cars in 2022.

Unsurprisingly on the list, it was Max Verstappen who came out on top. The now two-time world champion gets paid more than any other driver on the grid with a pretax total of $60 million from his salary and bonuses.

Lewis Hamilton also follows the Dutchman closely behind. The seven-time world champion still gets more salary than any other driver on the grid although the bonuses are not up to the mark.

Here is a complete list of the star drivers and the money they receive:

#1 Max Verstappen – Salary $40 Million, bonuses $20 Million

The two-time world champion had signed a new contract with his team Red Bull Racing just before this season’s start. This put the Dutchman with his team till the end of 2028. Verstappen currently has the longest active contract on the grid.

His performance on track justifies his paycheck and contract. The 25-year-old secured 15 wins this season setting a new record while clinching his second drivers’ title in a row.

#2 Lewis Hamilton – Salary $55 Million, bonuses $0

The Mercedes star driver for years, Lewis Hamilton won 4 titles in a row from 2017 to 2020 and marginally lost out to Verstappen in 2021. Hamilton, however, endured a rough 2022 slipping to sixth in the drivers’ standings.

Regardless, the seven-time world champion is still among the highest-paid drivers on the grid in F1 in 2022. The Briton has a deal with the Silver Arrows until next season’s end. However, Hamilton has indicated that he would like to extend that deal putting an end to any rumors speculating about his retirement.

#3 Fernando Alonso: Salary $30 Million, bonuses $0

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso also has a hefty paycheck in 2022. The 42-year-old still has got a lot of racing left in it. Alonso’s contract with Alpine ends now as the Spanish driver heads to Aston Martin in 2023.

It is believed that the two-time world champion will still bag quite a few dollars at his new team too.

#4 Sergio Perez: Salary $10 Million, bonuses $16 Million

Red Bull driver and teammate of Max Verstappen, it was not a surprise to see Sergio Perez up here on the list among the greats. The Mexican driver has played his role beautifully ever since he joined the side. Perez further managed to secure two wins this season adding to his bonuses.

However, much to his disappointment, Perez failed to secure the second position on the drivers’ standings. Checo lost out to Leclerc in the last race of the season to finish in P3 on the Drivers’ standings.

#5 Charles Leclerc: Salary $12 Million, bonuses $11 Million

Coming 5th in the list is Charles Leclerc with a total of $23 Million. The Ferrari driver had a flying start to the 2022 season winning two out of the three opening races. The story afterward, however, is filled with disappointment and failures.

The Monegasque at once had the fastest car along with the lead in the championship over his rival Max Verstappen. However, by the end of 2022 Leclerc was even fighting for P2 in the standings. Much to his and Scuderia’s satisfaction, the 24-year-old did manage to secure the P2 in Abu Dhabi.

#6 Sebastian Vettel: Salary $15 Million, bonuses $2 Million

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel earned a total of $17 Million by driving for Aston Martin for one last time in 2022. The four-time world champion announced his retirement earlier this year paying farewell to the sport.

The legend’s last race was emotional as he reminisced a lot of memories of his illustrious career. Lewis Hamilton also paid his tribute to the departing legend. Vettel will be leaving F1 but is still among the highest-paid drivers in F1 in 2022.

#7 Daniel Ricciardo: Salary $15 Million, bonuses $2 Million

Daniel Ricciardo sits in the same spot as Sebastian Vettel both in terms of earnings and future. The Aussie is set to be absent on the grid in 2023 after McLaren sacked the struggling man. His pace has been a thing of question this season and he has struggled a lot.

Ricciardo will be going back to his old team Red Bull. It is believed the honey badger will become one of the reserve drivers at Red bull. Regardless of his struggles, the Australian still got paid a hefty amount.

#8 Carlos Sainz: Salary $8 Million, bonuses $ 7 Million

Carlos Sainz had a rather strong start to the season securing his maiden pole and win in Silverstone. The Spaniard, however, ended up slipping to fifth at the end of the season. Regardless, Sainz got paid $15 Million for his services by the Scuderia.

His good start of the season secured him a contract extension with the team. Sainz will be driving for Ferrari till the end of the 2024 season.

#9 Lando Norris: Salary $5 Million, bonuses $6 Million

Lando Norris had an amazing season with the orange papaya in 2021 securing him a contract extension till 2025. The Briton continued this form in 2022 becoming the only driver to score podium except for the big three teams’ drivers.

Norris managed to finish the season in P7 much appreciated given his battle with Alpine.

#10 George Russell: Salary $3 Million, bonuses $7 Million

George Russell unarguably impressed a lot in his first season with Mercedes. The former Williams driver got his seat with the Silver Arrows in 2021 joining forces with Lewis Hamilton in 2022. The Briton went on to impress everyone even after Mercedes failed to produce a title-challenging car.

Russell managed to score the only win for Mercedes this year winning the Brazilian GP. The 24-year-old finished in P4 35 points clear of his teammate Lewis Hamilton in P6.

Here were the top 10 highest-paid drivers in F1 in 2022.

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