Manchester City may face fine,points deduction and relegation amid breach of financial fair play rules

Manchester City
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The grey clouds have covered the blue side of Manchester as they have been found guilty of breaching various rules of financial fair play in the Premier League. The club has been accused of financial malpractice from 2009-2018. Manchester side allegedly didn’t reveal the real renumeration of the coach ‘Roberto Mancini’ and of some of the players who were signed during that period. 

The other rival clubs are demanding harsh punishment for Manchester City for a ‘fraud of decade’. Some clubs see expelling City from Premier League as the most fitting punishment if these accusations are found true. Manchester City was even found guilty of breaching the financial fair play rules of UEFA resulting in an imposing 2-year ban that was later overturned by the court.

Premier League has decided to refrain from operating this investigation. Instead of that, they have handed over this investigation to an independent commission which will look after all the law proceedings concerning this case.

What’s Next?

Manchester City could face numerous sanctions and punishments for their accusing deeds in form of various retributions. The cityzens currently are comfortable in second position in the Premier League right behind Arsenal and the club may face the following punishments:

  • A fine of an infinite amount
  • Suspension from playing games in the league.
  • Deduction of points
  • Replays of past games
  • Absolute expulsion

If at all, any of these punishments except a fine gets impose on Manchester City, it will pave the way for clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, and Newcastle United who are on the brink of the table fighting for the British football royalty.

Since this case is handed over to an independent commission there has been a lack of information regarding how much power has been bestowed to the commission.

There is also a possibility that Premier League may not punish City at all, but if an independent commission gets absolute power City might get relegated or expell permanently from playing Premier League.

Is it the right time for Guardiola?


Numerous reports are suggesting that Guardiola will leave Manchester side. Guardiola did make his intentions clear that he doesn’t want to be associated with a football club that does malpractice in any form in the game.

“ The moment I feel something is wrong, I will resign or not renew the contract, Unlike Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, for me, the contract is just a piece of paper.”

“ I extended my commitment as I felt the club can get good results under my leadership. The day we get tired of each other, I will resign and won’t stay till the end of the contract” said Guardiola after signing a two-year contract extension in November.

City’s response

Manchester City has hit back at all the allegations.

The club statement says “Manchester City is surprise by the issuing of these alleged breaches of the Premier League rules, particularly given the extensive engagement and vast amount of detailed materials that the EPL has been provided with.”

The club has also stated that they are open to an investigation of this matter by an independent commission.

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Written by Anirudh Bhadri

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