Lucas Leiva Took Retired from International Football

Lucas Leiva

Lucas Leiva, the former Liverpool midfielder has announced his retirement due to a heart condition. On Friday in a press conference, the 36-year-old explained that he has to stop his continuing playing career following his medical advice. The press conference was tearful to describe. He said, “It’s been a difficult period. I think this is the first time I’ve cried over this case.”

Health Advice for Lucas

He went for a test after detecting some problems during a routine session in pre-season with the Brazilian football club, Gremio in December. Adviser Doctor Marcio Dornelles informed that Lucas’s middle muscular layer of the heart is to think about a situation. According to the doctor, they advised the player not to continue with high-performance activities because it could be serious to his health risks.

Lucas Leiva’s Speech

The ex-Brazil international thanked his well-wishers and also said that his first priority is his health. “I’m ending where I’d like, not the way I’d like. I’m sure a new cycle will begin. I had a lot of hope that it could reverse, but it was not the case.”
The player started his career with Gremio and has won 22 caps for it. Later he joined Liverpool in 2007 and made almost 347 appearances for the England association. Last year he made a come-back to his boyhood club Gremio.

Guerra on Lucas Leiva

Alberto Guerra said in the starting that he had prepared a beautiful speech to say but it was not as easy as he thought to deliver the speech for the great leader (the name he addressed at the end of the speech). He said, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to say it all. I wanted to congratulate you on a successful career. I’m very happy that you’re going to go on with a normal life. I want to say on behalf of all the Gremistas that few have represented us like you. That’s why so many people are moved by this moment.”

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