Who is Kyle Petty’s wife? All Details About Morgan Petty

Kyle Petty's Wife

Former American stock car racing driver Kyle Eugene Petty is currently involved with the racing commentator. And Morgan Petty is the wife of the former NASCAR driver. She is from the world of philanthropy and charity work. And this charity work brought them closer. In this article, you will learn who Kyle Petty’s wife is. And all details about Morgan petty.

Who is Morgan Petty?

Mrs. Petty was born to a Columbia-based Castano couple in South Carolina. Not much information is available out there. But it is clear that she has a strong belief in community and service work, the perks of her father being a well-known philanthropist. He dedicated his life to helping others, and Morgan is not failing to follow in her father’s footsteps.
Morgan enrolled at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill to major in the fields of education and psychology. She started her career as a teacher straight away as she had her degree. But her interest in doing philanthropy and community work, brought her to establish a nonprofit organization on her own.

Morgan and Kyle Petty

Kyle Petty and Morgan, two met each other in the mid-1990s. And both of them fell in admiration of each other very quickly. Kyle Petty also has another identity that he is the son of the NASCAR legend Richard Petty. Currently, he is busy in his job as a commentator and analyst for NASCAR races, after having a successful career in driving.
The couple tied the knot in 2000 and started their journey as inseparable. The couple has two children together, a son Austin and a daughter Montgomery. Mr Petty has a son before Morgan’s entry into his life, Adam, who unfortunately died in a tragic racing accident in 2000.

Morgan Petty’s Philanthropy Work

She is the founder of the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America. It is a yearly motorbike ride that performs as one of the most significant and successful charity motorbike events across the whole country for the betterment of children with serious medical conditions.
Over the span of the more than 1,200-mile journey, motorists stop in an array of locations to meet with supporters, sign autographs, and increase awareness of the causes that they represent.
Also, she is associated with the board of the Petty Family Foundation, supporting education and military veterans; and Make-A-Wish Foundation’s National Advisory Council.

Her this passion brought her the NASCAR Foundation’s Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award, after recognizing a significant impact on their community through charitable work. Kyle Petty is a racing legend. But on the other hand, Mrs. Morgan Petty is a legend in her own way, of serving society. And will continue to inspire others for years to come.

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