Know Details About Alexander Ovechkin wife, Anastasia Shubskaya

Alexander Ovechkin wife

Alexander Ovechkin Wife, Anastasia Shubskaya is a well-known name in the Russian model industry. Alexander being the famous ice hockey player and Anastasia being the Russian model makes them a star couple. This article will lead you to Anastasia Shubskaya details.

Anastasia Shubskaya age

She saw the first ray of Sun in Switzerland on November 16, 1993. But her parent’s divorce situation bounded her three years old self to relocate to Moscow with her mother. Anastasia Shubskaya age is currently 29.

Anastasia Shubskaya details- Career start, Height, and weight

Her modeling career launched after a contract with a Moscow-based modeling agency when she was 15 just. Her stunning looks and impressive modeling skills took her only a little time to make her name well-known in the industry. Anastasia Shubskaya Height and weight are 170 cm and 60 kg approx. respectively.

Anastasia Shubskaya Instagram ID

Art and photography are her other side of passions. She often shares her beautiful captures on Anastasia Shubskaya Instagram ID page. Studying at the Faculty of Journalism and Media Communications at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and a degree in film production at the New York Film Academy is proof of her interest in the outer world of Fashion also.

Alexander and Anastasia’s togetherness

2015 was the year, Alexander and Anastasia met and started dating. Beauty and her intelligence are the definite reason for the ice hockey player to get smitten with her. But her passion for art added interest to their love story, which soon became the talk of the town. Soon in the next year August, the star couple made their relationship official in a lavish wedding ceremony in the presence of many famous athletes, models, and celebrities from around the world.

Anastasia Shubskaya philanthropic work

Mrs. Ovechkin has showcased her social responsibility towards through her philanthropic work and involvement in children’s health and education-related charities like the Gift of Life Foundation and the Naked Heart Foundation in Russia.

philanthropic work Details

Because her being a celebrity, she is often in news. And it increased after marrying the most famous ice hockey players in the world. But her living a low-profile and personal life indicates she is a private person. Although she rarely discusses her relationship with Alexander in public, their love is clear through their social media posts and outward displays of affection.
Anastasia Shubskaya is a gifted and knowledgeable woman who is well-known in the modeling and art industries. She remains to be a source of encouragement to many individuals and serves as a role model for young women throughout the world owing to her enthusiasm for photography, philanthropy, and family. Her union with Alexander Ovechkin is evidence of their devotion to one another and shared commitment to advancing one another’s careers and passions.

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