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KKR vs PBKS highlights: Punjab kings won by 7 runs as per DLS  beat KKR

kkr vs pbks highlights

kkr vs pbks highlights: As KKR will square Punjab kings and they will fight back against KKR. Meanwhile Sharayas Iyer will miss out due to Injury. Nitish Rana will lead the side. Although Sam curren will be one of the most expensive buys for Punjab kings in 2923 IPL auction.

Meanwhile, Kolkata knight Rider won the toss and elected to bowl first. Both the teams are amazing to win the match and also the Trophy. Tim Southee, Andre Russell, Sunil Narine and Rahmanullah Gurbaz are KKR’s overseas players. They will hit the deck hard and it will be one of the most important games for KKR and Punjab kings.

Prabhsimran Singh got out

Tim Southee was bowling very hard and hit the deck hard in the first two overs he smashed couple of sixes and fours and was creating pressure on kkr Although Southee strike and took the wicket.Tim Southee was caught down the leg side for 23 off 12 balls after Prabhsimran Singh faced every ball in the first two overs and smacked two fours and two sixes. In the second over. Although when he charged at Southee and smacked him for a flat-bat four past mid-off and a smashed six over wide long-on, he particularly looked impressive.

Bhanuka Rajapaksa  destructive batter

 Rajapaksa is one of the top quality batter. He is destroying Narine by hitting 2 fours and 1 sixes and creating huge pressure on kkr. Bhanuka Rajapaksa proves that Mohali’s pitch appears to be flat by stepping out and smashing Sunil Narine through the line three times in a 14-run fifth over. At the end of that over, Punjab Kings had scored 50 points with just one wicket lost.

At the 7.2 over Raja Rajapaksa hit boundary to Sunil Narine varun Chakraborty could not stop. It was a poor stop by Varun at short fine leg. He missed out a sweep and paddled it. Although again tbe ball fall shot of Rinku Singh and gets one runs. Although Bhanuka Rajapaksa proves that Mohali.

kkr vs pbks highlights


Rajapaksa is one of the destructive batter.Although Punjab is 100 for 1 at the midway point because to the steady work of Bhanuka Rajapaksa and Shikhar Dhawan, but this looks to be the kind of wicket where the side batting first isn’t really sure what an acceptable total is. There isn’t much grip or turn, the ball is coming onto the bat with ease, and the bounce is true.

In a sideline interview, KKR coach Chandrakant Pandit said 180-200 will be chaseable in this situation. Punjab are currently performing well, but they must take care to avoid leaving runs unfinished. In the eleventh over. Rajapaksa reaches fifty, but two balls later holes out to long-on. It is Umesh Yadav who gets the wicket. Of his five fours and two sixes, the one you’ll remember the longest was a Sanath Jayasuriya-like whip off his hips with his front leg in the air. Although which flew effortlessly over the fine leg boundary off Shardul Thakur’s bowling. He timed the ball beautifully from the moment he walked in.

Southee the Destructive Bowler

Southee is one of the fine bowlers from kkr and created the deck hard and took the crucial wickets of Rajapaksa who was looking hard at kkr. He took 2 wickets and produced 39 runs with an economy of 13.00. He was one of the top quality bowlers over the years. When he comes out to ball the other team fears.

Anukul looking an impactful player

Yesterday, Hardik Pandya made the argument that the Impact Player rule and the flexibility for teams to pick their lineup after the toss may result in some bowlers receiving insufficient playing time. It’s happening to KKR today, though you might argue that part of the reason for it is the nature of the game: they haven’t used their left-arm spinner Anukul Roy inside the first 14 overs because left-handed Shikhar Dhawan and Bhanuka Rajapaksa have batted through most of this innings.

Although Andre Russell hasn’t bowled yet either, you can probably expect him to do so near the end. Umesh Yadav has already used up all of his allotment.Jitesh Sharma entered the game in the meantime and made an excellent cameo, smashing two huge sixes in an 11-ball 12 before slicing Southee for a catch at short third. Following 14 overs, Punjab are 142 for 3.

Varun Chakraborty took shikhar dhawan

It was an good length ball and skits and hit on Dhawan’s pad and got him out. Varun chakroborty is one of the Mistry bowler for kkr he can turn the ball very nice and creates huge pressure on Punjab kings.

He is one of the top not h bowler. For kkr and take wickets at reguler intervels.He scores 40 runs off of 29 balls. But given the pitch, you have to question whether he could have taken a few more risks.

When given room to manoeuvre, he was brutal, but it didn’t seem like he made much of an attempt to create barriers with his feet or intention in other situations.

Although After his first three overs, Varun had stellar statistics: 1 for 15. He seems to have bowled a little bit more quickly and relentlessly at the stumps than Sunil Narine did today.

Sam curren is building pressure

Sam curran is one of the top quality player and he is hitting the ball hard at 16.6 overs he hit six Varun chakroborty was building pressure but Sam connected it well over long on and smashed it. Although it was outside the off stump ball by Varun.

Sunil Narine got wicket

In the very start Sunil Narine was a massive hit but in the end he took the wicket of Sikandar Raza wickets and built pressure on Punjab kings. Narine is one of the best bowlers of KkR whenever kkr is in a tough Situation he takes wickets. Raza was hitting the ball hard and ran through the air and got out.

As Punjab looked like they could take the game away by 200 or more, KKR did well to stay in the game. Sikandar Raza, a rookie for Punjab, and Sam Curran added 25 runs off of 20 for the fifth wicket. During that stand, they each hit a spectacular six, but the bowlers managed to keep them quiet in the gaps.

Now Sunil Narine, who was brought back to bowl the 18th after going for 36 in his first three, bowls a fantastic final over, resulting in four runs plus Raza’s wicket after the latter botched an attempt to knock a massive shot to extra-cover.

KKR back on track

Now Sunil Narine, who was brought back to bowl the 18th after going for 36 in his first three. Bowls a fantastic final over, resulting in four runs plus Raza’s wicket after the latter botched an attempt to knock a massive shot to extra-cover.

The KKR bowlers would want to have a peek at these stats from the 2022 season because Shahrukh Khan is the new batsman. Shakrukh scored 66 runs off 33 balls while facing bigger lengths (full-toss, yorker, full, good length), but he was also three times out. He only managed 17 out of 27 against the shorter lengths (short of decent, short), and he was three times ejected.

At the end of the first innings scored 191 runs and lost 5 wickets. It was one of the most top notch batting by punjab kings and created a hard deck. But in the end kkr got back on track.Anukul Roy and Andre Russell are two of the five bowlers that KKR really uses. There yet been an Impact Player utilised. But Rishi Dhawan was seen padding up in the bench during the end overs. So it’s feasible that he will replace one of the batters and bowl a few overs later.

It’s not your standard Mohali track, claims Bhanuka Rajapaksa. “Towards the end, both the fast bowlers and the spinners received a small amount of assistance.

Impactful player Rishi Dhawan kkr vs pbks highlights

The all-around seam bowler replaces Bhanuka Rajapaksa. Although The stadium’s floodlights are taking. While to turn on, which causes a significant delay before the start of the second inning.

Early Strike for KKR kkr vs pbks highlights

Arshdeep bowls a terrific short ball. To take a wicket with his first pitch of the game thanks to his excellent, perhaps underappreciated short ball. Mandeep Singh ulled in, up shoulder, and he is unable to stop it. KKR are now 13 for 1 after caught at deep midwicket. Although Anukul Roy. who unable to use left-arm spin today, is inserted at position three.

Venkatesh iyer Replaced Varun Chakroborty and he is one of the top impactful players over the years.

Elise got wickets

Rahmanullah Gurbaz misses a top-of-off-stump ball from Nathan Ellis after moving out of the way for an off-side slap. With KKR needing 163 off 94 balls. Although Nitish Rana exits the game. Elise is one of tbe destructive bowlers and he got the wicket of Gurbaz.

Raza strike again  kkr vs pbks highlights

Raza is one of the top quality players and creates a huge space and takes wickets. KKR are 75 for 4 as Nitish Rana rips one straight to the backward point.It’s interesting that Raza is already in third after the tenth has ended. He is an offspinner by definition, but these days he bowls a lot more seam-up and knuckleball variations. Although Punjab has chosen to bowl him rather than their left-arm spinner Harpreet Brar or leg spinner Rahul Chahar, who have not yet bowled.

KKR are in serious trouble and create a hard deck and strategies are failing. They are one of the top quality team but they need to be very confident so that they can hit hard and can move forward.

Rahul Chahar one of the destructive bowler kkr vs pbks highlights

Rahul Chahar is one of the top quality spinners and creates huge space and take Wickets. The first ball that Rahul Chahar throws in the eleventh over is a strike. Rinku Singh tries to drag a slog-sweep against the angle and turn, but is only successful in picking out deep midwicket. Dangles a wrong run across Rinku Singh. Andre Russell has walked to the crease as KKR are 80 for 5.

T20 matchup between R Chahar and Russell: 20 balls, 25 runs, no dismissals.its strategic time out and KKR are 10 runs behind of DLS and ground staffs are outside the boundaries.

And it’s done and dusted by Elise kkr vs pbks highlights

Nathan Ellis had a chance to get Andre Russell out with the third legal ball of his 14th over. But Prabhsimran Singh. unning back from short fine leg, had to save a challenging opportunity from a top-edged pluck. Two no-balls were also thrown, with Venkatesh Iyer hitting the second one for a crisp, straight six.

Oh, and there is also a slight drizzle now.With the current state of the game, Russell is off to a good starart. Scoring 24 off 15 balls, while Venkatesh has gained some momentum after scoring at just under a run per ball for his first 20 or so balls. In the final six overs.

KKR must score 74 runs. Russell has done this kind of thing in the past, but you’d assume Punjab is still in the lead right now.

sam Currwn strike

Sam Curran gets Russell out is one of the top quality bowler and take the wickets of Russell. While he captures Russell and solidifies Punjab’s lead. Yet along the way, Russell launched a full-toss miles past the long-on line and then ramped a slower bouncer over the gap between backward point and short third for four.

so he drew some flak. The following ball, he is unable to exert nearly enough force into a pull to compensate for Curran’s slower ball’s lack of velocity. And instead he picks out the fielder at deep midwicket.

Russell is out after making 35 off 19, and KKR have 130 runs.

Arshdeep strike again kkr vs pbks highlights

He is one of the top quality bowlers and can create huge space and take wickets and he is one of the top quality bowlers and take wickets Today’s three wickets were all taken with the short ball. When Venkatesh Iyer tries to ride the bounce and uppercut, it slightly cramps him. Although all he can do is hit it directly into the hands of the backward point. KKR have 138 for seven. As Sunil Narine enters, they now need 54 runs off 27 balls, or exactly two runs per ball. KKR is one one the top quality team.

As per DLS Method Punjab kings won

KKR 146 for 7 in 16 overs is the score when the players leave the pitch. Sunil Narine pulled a short ball from Curran for six on the final ball to be contested thus far.Even after that pulled six.

KKR still falls short of the DLS par score of 153 for 7. If no additional play occurs. Which appears to be a strong possibility, Punjab Kings will prevail by a score of seven runs.

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