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Jsca International stadium complex

Jsca International stadium complex :One of the magnificent stadiums is the JSC International Stadium Complex. It is one of the most beautiful and top-quality stadiums, where every player has top records across the cricket fraternity.

The stadium located in Rachi and the first match played between India and England in the year 2013.

It’s a well-thought-out stadium. Membrane roofing system utilised to shield fans from the hot sun. Long shadows are a constant issue when matches played in India throughout the winter, resulting in the cancellation of the day’s play. That issue taken into consideration when the JSCA International Stadium Complex was built.

The stadium also features a three-pitch indoor cricket centre. Being only a 10-minute drive from the airport is one of the stadium’s intriguing features. Additionally, four-lane highways offer adequate connection. The 17th-century Jagannath Temple, the Heavy Engineering Corporation Plant, and the Hatia Dam are all located close to the stadium. The total capacity on this ground is 39,000.

Jsca International stadium complex weather

The weather at Jsca will one of the most top weather around 21 degree. It is one of the most amazing ground. The location in hilly area and it is one of the most top stadium. The weather does not change muc.

Jsca International stadium complex Pitch Report

It is one of the most amazing ground. The pitch provide huge movement for the baller. The bowler get huge space and take wickets on this pitch. The spinner get huge turn from this pitch. and create a huge space and take wickets and the pitch respond very well.



Won (1st inn)212
Loss (1st inn)335
No Result100

It is one of the top quality stadium and also have many records. It is one of the top quality stadium.

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