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IPL Auction:- Eight Team’s can retain 4 players, new teams can early pick three players


Before the beginning of the mega 2022 IPL auction which date is yet to be announce will feature, 10 teams. So, it is informally informed to the eight old team’s that they can only retain their 4 four players. While the two new franchises Ahmedabad and Lucknow can pick their three choice players before the mega auction.


According to the reports the old franchises can retain their players in two different methods. One method is that they can retain three Indian players and one overseas. While the other method is they can retain two Indian and two overseas players. Therefore, there will be no process of Right Match cards (RTM) in the coming IPL auction.


On the other hand, the old franchises that will retain their 4 players have to spend 30-40 % of their purchasing money. Therefore, the IPL auction purse is likely to be 90 crores for each franchise. This amount is more than the previous year IPL auction of 85 crores.

Although the Board of Control for Cricket in India is contemplating the fees for the retaining players. Also, yet to decide the maximum amount that a teams can use on each players retained. Early in the 2018 IPL mega auction, franchises had an amount of 80 crores to be spent and 33 crores for retaining players.


However, once the existing teams and their players decide on their retain and release. While the decision stays on both teams and players that team can decide which player they want to retain and release. But the players can also decide whether they want to stay or need a new team.


So, once the retention process is over by 8 old teams the two new team’s Lucknow and Ahmedabad can pick their three players each before the IPL 2022 mega auction in December. They can pick the players through the draft system. Lucknow can pick first as they are the highest bidder in team auctions with more than 7000 crores. And Ahmedabad will get a second chance to pick as they are the second-highest bidders with more than 5000 crores.

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