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IPL 2022 Mega Auction is set to take place on February 12 and 13 on this Place


Countdown of the IPL 2022 Mega Auction has begun. This season of the IPL is quite different from past seasons, mainly due to the addition of two new team’s.

IPL Mega Auction dates have been announced for this year, which is eagerly awaited by cricket fans. IPL President Brijesh Patel has confirmed that IPL 2022’s mega auction will take place in Bangalore on the 12th and 13th of February.

Two teams were given letters of intent on Tuesday by the BCCI. With this, they have registered for the Biggest T20 league in the world. As well, each team must select three players within 14 to 15 days of the draft.

Ahmedabad is chosen by CVC and Lucknow is chosen by Sanjeev Goenka. IPL president confirmed that the Auction is going to happen in Bengaluru from 12th to 13th Feb.

To participate in the upcoming IPL 2022, most teams have released their top players. Thus, every team must form a team from scratch. Until the mega auction for IPL 2022, the eight existing teams had retained 27 players.

To select three players before the mega auction begins, both teams in Lucknow and Ahmedabad have a 33 crore budget.

VIVO will be a sponsor of IPL for the Last time

Lastly, we would like to inform you that it was decided this morning at the IPL Governing Council meeting that following the year 2022, the IPL title sponsorship will go to the Indian company Tata. Now, Tata is the new title sponsor of the tournament in 2023, replacing VIVO, which had been paying 440 crores annually to BCCI. The Vivo contract with BCCI is about to end this year.

Over the last two years, the Indian Premier League has been played aboard, a bit of a loss for Indian cricket fans who miss seeing that full stadium where they cheer on their favourite team.
Sadly, this problem has risen once again and maybe the tournament move to UAE once again according to the BCCI

“BCCI is keeping in mind all options which include overseas IPL as well. But the focus is to host the IPL in India for sure. As of now, priority is the auction and the board will soon take a call”.

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