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Indian Football Team:- List of all 19 Captains in the history


Indian Football Team Captain’s list


1. Gostho Pal


The first Indian football team captain in the history is Gostho Pal. Indian football appointed him as the first captain in the year 1924. So, the legend Gostho Pal died in 1976 at the age of 79 he plays as a defender for India. However, he is a one-club man as Gostho plays for Mohun Bagan in his entire football career after the move from Kumartuli.


2. Talimeren Ao


After India’s independence in 1947 Talimeren Ao becomes the first captain of Indian Football and the second in history after Gostho Pal. In the 1948 Olympics, he gets the opportunity to lead the team as the new captain of India.


3. Sailen Manna

Sailen Manna is India’s third and the second captain after the post-independence. In his leadership, India won their first-ever Asian games in 1951. During his captaincy journey, he was also named on the list of the top 10 FA captains in 1953. Like Gostho Pal and Talimeren Ao is also another legend of Mohun Bagan.


4. PK Banerjee


Pradip Kumar Banerjee (PK Banerjee) is one of the greatest and most successful captains in Indian football history. Like Sailen Manna he also won the 1962 Asian games. Therefore, the Indian legend is not successful as captain but also got success as a coach/manager. However, PK Banerjee also won one of the prestigious FIFA order merits awards in 2004.


5. Prasun Banerjee

Another legend from the same family is the brother of PK Banerjee the Prasun Banerjee also get the opportunity to lead the Indian Football team in the 70s and captained the team 5 times. The Arjuna award winner player played for clubs like Mohammedan Sporting and Mohun Bagan.


6. Chuni Goswami

Once rejected the offer of Tottenham Hotspur the Chuni Goswami is the former Indian captain and forward. He was also the key player during India’s victory in the 1962 Asian Games. So, the Indian legend won various prestigious awards like the Asia award as the best striker in 1962, the Arjuna award in 1963 and the Padma Shri and Mohun Bagan Ratna award in 1983, 2005.


7. Shabbir Ali

One of the greatest forward of all time in Indian football history Shabbir Ali becomes the seventh captain of India. Ali plays an important role by helping India to win the 1974 Asian Youth Championship. Therefore he played around 72 games for India and scores 23 goals.


8. Inder Singh

Another legend footballer and captain of the Indian football team Inder Singh lead the team in the Merdeka Cup. He becomes the eighth skipper in 1969 but after the long injury, he was again appointed as the Indian captain in 1973.


9. Jarnail Singh

One of the greatest centre back of the Indian football team Jarnail Singh captained India in the 60s. He also won the Arjuna award like Prasun Banerjee and Chuni Goswami.


10. Mohammed Habib


Once called the Indian Pele by PK Banerjee the Mohammed Habib also captained India during his 10 years International career from 1965 to 1975.


11. Syed Nayeemuddin


Another Indian captain Syed Nayeemuddin after PK Banerjee and Chunni Goswami to led the Indian team to win a medal in the Asian Games. He helps India to a won the Bronze medal in the Asian Games in 1970. Therefore, after a successful career as a player, he becomes the coach.


12. Gurdev Singh Gill


71years old the former Indian captain Gurdev Singh Gill played more than 100 games for India during his period. Therefore, the Indian legend also captained the team in the 1978 Asian Games held in Bangkok. However, in the same year, he won one of the prestigious awards the Arjuna award due to his brilliant performance for India. Moreover, Gurdev Singh plays for 9 years for India.


13. Brahmanand Sankhwalkar


The first ever Indian goalkeeper to captained India is Brahmanand Sankhwalkar from 1983 to 1986. The 67 years old named player of the award during his period from 1985 to 1995 and also won the Arjuna award in the year 1997.


14. VP Sathyan


Vatta Parambath Sathyan was the first-ever footballer that has a movie on him named ‘Captain’. As he is India’s first captain to lead the team in the World Cup qualifiers and also in the SAF games. The veteran has a feature in more than 80 games for India during his 10 years of international career from 1985 to 1995.


15. Bhaichung Bhutia


Bhaichung Bhutia is one of the biggest names of Indian football that India has produced. He is the gem in Indian football history. Bhutia is known as the legend of East Bengal due to his four stints. The Sikkim boy is one of the few Indian footballers to play in different clubs of Europe. So, the 44 years old appointed as the new Indian captain in the year 1998-1999 season. During his captaincy, he led India to their first SAFF Championship in 2005. Therefore, he has been named the Sikkim spinner due to his scoring ability and shooting power. However, in. In 2011 he played against the German giants Bayern Munich as his retirement match.


16. Subrata Paul


34th year’s old Indian spiderman Subrata Paul is one of the greatest goalkeepers in India. Subrata Paul also captained India in the 2018 World cup qualifiers. Therefore, the Kolkata legend has played for big Indian clubs like Mohun Bagan, East Bengal etc. However, he is currently not playing in the Indian team. While Subrata has played around 69 games for Indian till now.


17. Sunil Chhetri (current Indian captain)


One of the greatest footballers and captains of the Indian football team Sunil Chhetri is the current skipper. Sunil Chhetri is the highest goal scorer in India and the third in the world. However, the Chhetri was appointed as an Indian Football team captain in the year 2012. So, he leads the team Indian to several trophies till now and becomes the greatest ever captain of Indian Football. Recently the Indian skipper broke the Brazilian legend Pele’s goal record. Moreover, the personal won many individual trophies like Arjuna and Padma Shri awards.


18. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
(Current Indian player)

One of the best and the wall in Indian goal Gurpreet Singh Sandhu also lead the team as the captain of the Indian football team. The 29-year-old Mumbai guy has good experience as he plays in Europe too like Bhaichung Bhutia and Sunil Chhetri. So, he got the opportunity to captain the Indian team during the friendly match against Puerto Rico as Sunil Chhetri was absent in the match.


19. Sandesh Jhingan (current Indian Player)


The big guy of the Indian central defence Sandesh Jhingan got the opportunity to lead the Indian football team in June 2021 in the absence of their regular Indian skipper Sunil Chhetri. So, he is the 19th captain of the Indian Football team as of October 2021. And he is the current player of the Indian team. However, the Punjab boy came into the limelight during his Indian Super League campaign. Moreover, after completing his six successful seasons at ISL now he will be playing at Croatia’s domestic league’s.

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