INDIA VS AUSTRALIA DAY-2 Update:- Australia all out at 480

Ind VS Aus Day 2
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Ind VS Aus Day 2 
As Australia were ahead of India Usman khawaja batted well and hit centuries creating huge
space. He is one of the most important batters for Australia and creates a huge mark in India
and for Australia. Khawaja scored 104 runs in 250 balls. He has scored 14 hundred. His
concentration was brilliant at the start of Day1.

India are on the backfoot on the day 1 of the Ind VS Aus Day 2 series. Australia put India under
huge pressure with Cameron green scoring 49 runs hitti g boundaries. Putting India under a
huge check.

So it was not such a good day for India, because they took only 4 wickets and produced 100
runs in the last couple of overs and Australia put pressure on India by creating space . Usman
khawaja scored a brilliant hundred at the end of day 1.

Maria Cummins
As the Ind VS Aus Day 2 will start soon Australia will put India under pressure. Let’s pause for a minute to
remember Maria Cummins, mother of captain Pat Cummins. Overnight, tragic news of her
passing arrived from Australia. After the first two Test matches, Cummins left India to be with
her. All those whose lives Maria Cummins touched are in our thoughts.
Australia will display respect by donning black armbands.

Cameroon Green Fifty

He is one of the amazing player and can bat and score runs very quickly. With only 67 balls,
Cameron Green gets the single to reach his fifty. The over is at three runs. 257 to 3 for
It’s interesting that Axar Patel, rather than R Ashwin or Mohammed Shami, is sharing the attack.

Typically, you start with the two bowlers most likely to produce wickets.
Shami come to play
It turns out that the initial bowling selection may have been made to enable Mohammad Shami,
who bowled the final over yesterday, to switch ends. He is in attendance for his third game of
the day. In the initial trades, there has been a little bit of an uneven bounce. One edge has
already strayed from the keeper.

Pitch behaviour

The pitch seems to be a nice one to maintain batting on after some early bounce variation. Only
seven erroneous responses have been made in the day’s opening 12 overs. Australia’s
overnight total had increased by 20 runs. Although India has been able to maintain the
tightness, it will become increasingly challenging as the innings goes on.

Umesh on runs

The Australian batter put boundaries on Umesh Yadav bowling, Usman Khawaja hit two leg-
side boundaries in his opening two overs. His current stats are 17-2-73-0.

Nothing really surprised

A wide line bowled to Usman Khawaja from above the wicket in the 113th over of the innings
excited Ravindra Jadeja. One makes a sudden move inside to grab the inside edge for four.
Another continues directly to beat the outer edge. Can India use this as a foundation? India 313
for 4.
Despite having gone for 25 in five overs, Umesh Yadav entered the sixth over of a stint. That
does raise the question of whether the most wasteful bowler in a five-man attack requires such
a lengthy time.

Usman Khawaja 150 the destructive batter 

He is one of the most important 150 for Usman Khawaja however he can bat very well and keep
Australia way ahead of India. The surface on this ground is dead, nothing is happening. It will be
one of the most important things. 
Usman Khawaja is still batting with purpose and attention. He reaches 150 with a drawn
boundary off Shami seven minutes before lunch. There were just 20 erroneous answers out of
347 balls. Australia has a 337-4 record.

Day 2 lunch 

Australia are desperate to put India under huge pressure and they created usman khawaja and
Cameron green put Indian bowler under huge pressure.Only the second wicketless session in
the series, and India has again struggled to keep things under control. In 29 overs, they have
given up 93 runs, with Umesh Yadav taking 37 in his six. Usman Khawaja just started batting,
purely responding to the ball being thrown at him. Cameron Green has been acting more
forcefully, and he is closest to the virgin while sitting on his person. a hundred test. Australia had
a lunchtime record of 347 for 4, with only 15 incorrect answers.

Cameroon Green Hundred 

He is one of the top quality All-Rounder for Australia and created huge space and scored 100 of
147 balls hitting huge boundaries and creating huge pressure on India and Australia put India
under huge Back Foot.

The average, however, does not reveal the challenging conditions or the calibre of the bowlers
in the games where the batter scored these runs. Comparing the batter’s average to that of
other team members can help you get a sense of this.
The other top seven Australian hitters in innings where Khawaja batted in the subcontinent have
an average of 28.61. In innings when he batted, Khawaja’s average was 1.95 times higher than
that of the other top-order Australian batters. Khawaja’s multiple is the second-highest among
the 34 SENA batsmen who have amassed at least 1000 runs in the subcontinent. 
With a multiple of 2.50, Stephen Fleming tops this list, possibly in part because he frequently
played with a New Zealand batting order that wasn’t as effective on the subcontinent as the
current Australia teams are. Khawaja, though, hasn’t received this support. 

Finally Wickets by Ashwin

Not anything you had planned. Cameron Green sweeps at an off break from R Ashwin that is
drifting into the pads and turning down, gloves it to KS Bharat. 114 runs off 170 in a fifth-wicket
stand that cost 208 runs.
Just goes to illustrate how consistently excellent the bowling has been. There is justification for
that modest run pace. Someone takes a great risk and is kicked out the moment he tries to
impose himself. Carey attempts to hit a big shot after R Ashwin bowls a beautiful outside
offbreak, but he is too far from the ball’s pitch and misses it to point. Carey has now been
eliminated by Ashwin five times in Test cricket for 25 runs in 40 deliveries.
Changes of ends makes Wickets
Changes of ends India got wickets and Well, so R Ashwin’s goals have changed. He has
returned to the end where he has bowled most frequently. In addition, we have observed that
the ball may be changing direction somewhat.
Ashwin took the wicket of Mitchell Starc and put India back on track and created a huge
pressure on Australia and Australia were trying to score 400 runs in the end Usman Khawaja
the batter was beating hard and creating huge pressure and Ashwin threw the ball flatter and
took the Wickets. 

Ind VS Aus Day 2 Tea

They only let up 62 runs while taking three wickets, all thanks to R Aswhin. Usman Khawaja,
however, is still a model of focus with 180 off 421 balls. In a partnership that has lasted for more
than 10 overs, Nathan Lyon has also appeared to be largely unaffected. Canada 409 for 7. We’ll
see you shortly.
 Captain Pujara on Row

We are aware of India’s unofficial vice-captain immediately following tea. Cheteshwar Pujara
analyses a play that most people would assume was out due to a missing leg, but replays and
projections show that he was correct. The leg stump is being struck by this one. Usman
Khawaja’s 422-ball innings, the sixth-longest by a visiting hitter in India, ends when he finally
misses one off the back foot. Australia scored 409 to 8.

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