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Top Five Highest Run Scorers in IPL history

highest run scorer in ipl

RCB Skipper Virat Kohli is the most runs scorer with a complete of 6041 runs in the history of IPL. Skipper Virat Kohli is in amazing touch and is at the top of the charts with over 6624 runs. He rules the IPL as he has been amongst the most intense and consonant batters throughout the championship run. It’s been 7 years since the 2016 season but the recollection of Virat’s 973 runs as From that time is still again and those 4 centuries will remain carved in the history books. Kohli is the highest run scorer in ipl.

Ipl 2022 highest run

Jos Buttler in 17 matches, with highest 863 runs.

highest run

since its start in 2008 as Indian batsman Virat Kohli holds the history as for the most runs created in the IPL. Chris Gayle grips many of the individual scoring records , i.e highest-individual score in a match (175 runs off 66 balls), most centuries (6), the most 6s scored (326) most 6s in a match (17), fastest century (from 30 balls). They are the highest run scorer in ipl.

highest run in ipl

Indian premier league is the most celebrated cricketing event, with Virat Kohli at the top of the list as the highest scorer of the IPL. Every year, players from other nations assemble together to play the IPL. In IPL, ten teams compete to grab the title. The batsmen want to score the most runs in a season, and the bowlers want the most wickets. An in-form batsman is outgoing for any team. If a team’s batsmen score the most runs within a season, it’s easy to banish or set up a aim.

ipl highest run scorer

As in after IPL is a T20 league, scoring in a line is also problematic. It’s always a high-pressure deal, and the bowlers are top-quality. Thus, few batsmen handle to score high runs in the tournament.

As the star opener, Buttler has been the IPL 2022 star, scoring four hundred runs. Buttler scored 863 runs in 17 matches to win the season.

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