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Frank Lampard sacked by Everton

Frank Lampard, the former Chelsea and Manchester City midfielder, has been sacked as the manager of Everton Football Club. The news of his dismissal comes as a shock to many, as Lampard had only been in charge of the club for 18 months.

Lampard was appointed as the manager of Everton in July 2019, taking over from Marco Silva. At the time, many were excited about the prospect of Lampard taking the reins at Goodison Park, as he was a highly-regarded midfielder during his playing days. Lampard had also shown promise as a manager, having guided Derby County to the Championship play-off final in 2018/19.

However, things did not go according to plan for Lampard at Everton. The club struggled for consistency throughout his tenure, with many poor performances and results. Lampard was unable to guide the team to a top-six finish in the Premier League, and the team also performed poorly in the Europa League.

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Why was Frank Lampard was sacked

One of the main issues that Lampard faced at Everton was a lack of consistency in the team’s performances. The team would often play well in one game, but then struggle in the next. This made it difficult for Lampard to build momentum and establish a winning mentality within the squad.

Another issue that Lampard faced at Everton was a lack of transfer activity. Despite being given significant resources to spend on new players, Lampard was unable to bring in the quality of player that he needed to improve the team. This made it difficult for him to compete with the top clubs in the league.

In addition to these issues, Lampard also struggled to establish a clear tactical philosophy at Everton. The team often looked disjointed and disorganised on the pitch, and it was clear that the players were not playing to their full potential. This made it difficult for Lampard to get the best out of his team.

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