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FIFA World Rankings- Top 7 Nations rankings in September 2021


1. Belgium

The Roberto Martinez side avails to retain their number position in FIFA World Rankings with 1832 points. Despite they didn’t win any major trophies for few months. And also their Euro 2020 campaign last only up to the quarter-finals as they got defeated by Euro champions Italy by 2-1. But the Red Devils had a good September that keeps them in the top. Therefore, Belgium shows their brilliant performance by winning all of its three matches in the qualifiers of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

So, Belgium after beating the Czech Republic 3-0, Estonia 5-2, and Belarus 1-0. They also become the table topper in group E by winning five from their six matches. However, it appears that Belgium will continue to lead the rankings for quite some time to come. At least, since they are far ahead of their closest competitors.

2. Brazil

FIFA World Rankings

In the second number, we have the Copa American runners-up Brazil in the new FIFA World Rankings of September. Despite losing their Copa America final against Argentina they are still holding their 2nd position. Because of their consistency in the last international matches. The Selecao side is continuing their unbeaten streak in the World Cup 2022 qualifier.

Brazil won all of their eight matches in the qualifier which made them one of the favourites in the upcoming World Cup. However, their squad includes some brilliant players of the highest calibre. But before they can become a force capable of challenging in the world cup 2022, there are still some minor things that need to be corrected like tuning with each other.

3. England

FIFA World Rankings

The Euro 2020 runners-up England is surprising everyone by climbing in the third position in the new FIFA World Rankings of
September. Gareth Southgate side surpassed both World Champions and Euro Winner’s side by keeping them in 4th and 5th position with 1755 points. Despite losing their high voltage final match against Italy in Euro 2020 and criticism after lost they have a wonderful summer. So, the English team is maintaining their Euro form in the ongoing World cup qualifier they have registered a win against Andorra and Hungary.

While they have to settle their one match in a draw against Poland. So, their great International circuit in recent times gave them 2.91 points more in FIFA rankings. Despite their young talented players and squad, they have managers like Southgate that led the team. So, for a considerable period, England is expected to maintain their form for a long time.

4. France

The defending World Cup champion France is in the 4th position by dropping seven points from last month. So in the new FIFA world rankings, France has 1754 points and one point behind the third position England (1755). The Deschamps side is not in great shape as their last International performance is average. Despite their big and star players in both starting XI and bench. As in their Euro 2020 campaign, they couldn’t even qualify for the quarter-finals because France lost their round 16 matches against Switzerland in a penalty shootout.

Therefore, the Deschamps side performance in the ongoing qualifier round of world cup 2022 is also not that great. As in their three matches, they only avail to register one win against Finland. And the other two matches they have to settle in the draw against Bosnia Herzegovina and Ukraine. Although they are the table-toppers in Group D by winning 3 and 3 draws in their last 6 matches.

5. Italy

The Euro 2020 champions Italy is placed in the fifth position with 1735 by losing 9 points from last month. While the Azzurri side is continuing their unbeaten streak of 37 games and hopes they keep going their form. So, the Italian team is a solid one with an appropriate balance of youth and experience. That makes them one of the favourites for the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Therefore, Roberto Mancini has also turned them into an even more impactful unit, and they are excited about the prospect of keeping their unbeaten record intact for a while. However, in their recent qualifier matches, they have to settle their two matches in a draw against Switzerland and Bulgaria. But they win against Lithuania with a huge margin of 5-0. Moreover, Italy is leading group c table with 4 winnings from their 6 matches.

6. Argentina

The Copa American champions Argentina winning their first title after 28 years by breaking their title droughts. And it is also the first international trophy for their star player Lionel Messi. The Lionel Scaloni side is maintaining their FIFA ranking in the top 10 and also gain 14 points in September after their last International circuits.

In the recent matches of their World cup qualifier campaign, the Copa American champions win all their two matches out of three as one match against Brasil got suspended due to Covid 19 protocol breach. Therefore, Argentina is standing second after Brazil in the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier points table. While the Scaloni side wins their 5 out of their 8 matches.

7. Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo’s ability and a few other star players have helped Portugal to climb a spot in the FIFA rankings through their brilliance. Portugal has won all of their three matches in the last qualifier in September. Even during the match against the Republic of Ireland Cristiano Ronaldo scores 2 two goals. After that, he becomes the top goal scorer in the world of men’s football by beating Iran Ali Daei.

So, Ronaldo is the leading goal scorer in the world with 111 goals. After their three wins against Ireland, Qatar and Azerbaijan they have earned 14 points in the FIFA rankings. That makes them climb 2 spots from 8 to 6.

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