Ferrari boss facing imminent sacking threat

Mattia Binotto
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Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto might be resigning soon from his role with an announcement expected as early as today.

The 2022 season was a redemption year for Scuderia Ferrari after a couple of bad years producing uncompetitive cars. Regardless, the Scarlett Ferrari F1-75 was competitive enough for a title challenge this year. However, even after the favorable circumstances, Ferrari failed to put up a real title challenge.

The team had a strong start to the season, winning 2 out of the opening 3 races. Charles Leclerc had also made a comfortable lead over Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. However, things went downhill afterward for Scuderia.

The team was plagued by unforced errors and most importantly strategic errors. The strategic blunders made by the team cost a lot of points which eventually helped Verstappen seal his second title with such a huge margin.

Moreover, Charles Leclerc almost lost his P2 too as it came down the wire in Abu Dhabi.

Mattia Binotto resignation?

The rumors surrounding Fred Vasseur coming in place of Binotto have been gaining a lot of attention for the past few weeks. A major Ferrari newspaper also reported the sacking.

Regardless, Scuderia Ferrari has denied the reports already.

However, this time around it seems certain that Binotto will be parting ways. It is believed the separation is coming around in a friendly manner and not forced. It is rumored that the Swiss engineer is resigning as a result of frustration directed towards him by his own colleagues.

Mattia Binotto has worked with the side for more than 28 years.

Given how the 2022 season unfolded for Ferrari, this decision is completely understandable. The pitstops, reliability issues, and strategic blunders plagued Ferrari’s 2022 campaign.

Binotto has a contract with Ferrari until the end of 2023. However, it is believed that neither he nor the higher bosses in Ferrari want him to stay that long.

Fred Vasseur is the most expected and suitable replacement. Vasseur has a history of managing teams and has also worked with Leclerc before.

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