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Fernando Alonso is a “natural born racer”

Fernando Alonso will be driving his 20th season in Formula 1 as a driver at the astounding age of 41 in 2023.

Fernando Alonso keeps defying the limits. The Spaniard has crossed the mark of 40 years and has more starts than any other racer in F1 history. Regardless, the two-time world champion shows no signs of slowing down or resting.

Even at this age, Alonso is challenging racers much younger and more aggressive than him. Alonso posed a great challenge in the midfield this season too. The Alpine driver scored valuable points for the team ensuring the P4 in the constructors’ standings.

The points in the drivers’ standings don’t show the full picture of Alonso who had hard luck with reliability this year. Alonso finished the season in P9 behind his teammate Esteban Ocon. The Spaniard scored 81 points in comparison to Ocon’s 92, however suffered many more issues.

Alonso suffered 6 retirements this season. His last race in Abu Dhabi also ended in a DNF caused by yet another mechanical failure.

Hopefully, Alonso won’t face a similar reliability issue in Aston Martin. Alonso has already completed his first test with the Aston Martin team in Abu Dhabi and looks confident about the car. He will be partnering with Lance Stroll in his 2023 campaign.

Pedro de la Rosa is joining Alonso in Aston Martin

Pedro de la Rosa is a familiar face for Fernando Alonso. De La Rosa is all set to join Aston Martin in 2023 as an ambassador and advisor. The Spaniard has talked about the passion Alonso has for racing:

“My career is a bit special because I’ve been out and in and out and in,” explained De la Rosa.

“And every time you’re out, you want to come back, and you also have like a break so it gives you more oxygen or energy to come back.

“But in his case, it is different. Fernando is not normal. He is an ultra-motivated guy.

“When he’s not in the race car on a weekend he calls me, he wants to organise a 24-hour race here in Dubai. I tell him, man, I mean, you’ve just finished the season, everyone wants to go on holiday. And all he wants is to go racing again in December.

“So that’s Fernando and I think that’s the beauty about him – he’s different. He doesn’t seem to have enough of motor racing.”

De La Rosa has already worked with Alonso in his years with Ferrari and McLaren. He worked under his Spaniard counterpart as he was the reserve driver in both teams.

“What I’m really surprised about him is that, for example, yesterday I arrived here, and he was doing the seat fitting,” he said.

“And he smiled, he said he viewed his motivation as exactly the same as the first time I worked with him back in McLaren in 2007. Exactly the same approach – exactly the same.

“Preparation, motivation, attitude, expectations. He’s a natural born racer.”

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