Dolphins win the Division On championship


Dolphins:The 2022–23 domestic season has concluded thanks to the Durban–based Dolphins’ victory in South Africa’s Division One championship.

Dolphins also participated in the T20 final, where they were defeated by Titans, but they came in last in the one-day cup, which was won by Lions. Together with Western Province, Boland, North-West, and Warriors, all three clubs will remain in Division One the following season. Bloemfontein’s Knights will be the first team to be demoted under the new system. For the summer of 2023–2024, Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) Inland has advanced to Division One.

When the two-tier franchise and provincial structure was eliminated at the end of the 2020–21 season. The promotion–relegation system went into force. They changed to a 15-team, fully provincial structure (although some provinces kept the names of the franchises they had previously belonged to),. divided into two divisions, and granted two seasons for adjustment before the yearly one-up-one-down rule is put into effect.

The result of first round Dolphins

In other words, the outcomes for the first round of the promotion/relegation calculations were based on six competitions, one from each format, spanning two seasons. Who stays in Division One and who drops out will be decided by three tournaments over the course of one season starting in the summer of 2023–2024.

The Knights placed sixth out of eight in the first-class competition. Sixth in the one-day competition, and seventh and fourth, respectively. In the T20 competition during the summers of 2021–22 and 2022–23. Although they never finished last, their aggregate final standings indicated that they had the worst two-season performance of any Division One team.

No Central American team was remaining in Division One after their relegation. The central region, which includes the Free State. Has produced athletes like Allan Donald, Hansie Cronje, Dean Elgar, and Gerald Coetzee in more recent years. It is also the location of several prestigious athletic institutions. Notably Grey College. With Bloemfontein left out of the SA20. The province’s isolation from the national cricket awareness is escalating, and the CSA is concerned about the trend.

Eddie Khoza, CSA’s head  Dolphins

“This is one of the issues that was unenvisaged when the system started. If someone had shown you the teams then, you would not have thought the Knights would be the ones to be relegated,” Eddie Khoza, CSA’s head of pathways, told ESPNcricinfo. “It is important for each member to take responsibility and show accountability for their systems. The franchise system provided comfort and we couldn’t see the gaps that were there. Now, we will need to take a deep dive into what is happening with some of our members and see what we can do to support them.” Input craditpncricinfo.

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