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Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United the record that he can break


One of the greatest footballers in the history of football Cristiano Ronaldo. He will again step on to the pitch of Old Trafford as a Manchester United player after 12 years from his departure. The Red Devils re-sign their one of the best player in the history of the club from Italian giants Juventus with a total transfer amount of £20 million. Ronaldo signs a 2 years contract deal with Man Utd from 2021 to 2023. The Portuguese joined the Red Devils in the year 2003 from Sporting CP.

In Old Trafford, he spends around 6 seasons during his spell with Man Utd Ronaldo played around 290 matches where he scores 115 goals. During his sixth season at Premier League, he makes several records from which some still are unbroken. Ronaldo is still on the list of best players of Premier League history

Therefore, he also wins the two most prestigious awards Ballon d’Or and FIFA player of the year with Manchester United. However, in the year 2009, he left Old Trafford by joining Spanish giants Real Madrid with a record transfer fee. So, after spending his successful career in Spain and Italy for 12 years the goat returns to his home. So let’s look at records that Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United can break in his 2 seasons

1.Highest number of free-kicks in Premier League

Ronaldo returns to his former place, Old Trafford. So, once again Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United will break several records in Premier League. Therefore, one of the records that he can break after the return is the most number of free-kicks. The highest number of free-kicks records is held by former Man Utd legend David Beckham with 18 goals.


One of the best footballers in the modern era Ronaldo early at Man Utd already scored 11 direct free-kicks in PL. He is the second-highest direct free-kick goal scorer after David Beckham and has an equal score of 11 goals with the former Sporting Lisbon man. So, the 36 years old legend can break the record of Beckham in the upcoming season at PL. As he is only 7 goals behind for equaliser.

2. Highest number of player of the season award in PL

Another record that Ronaldo can make after his return to PL is the highest number of player of the season awards in the Premier League. Therefore, he already had won two PL player of the season award consecutively in the season 2006-07, 2007-08. However, he already has the highest number of players of the season award but along with Thiery Henry and Nemanja Vidic.

So, Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United can make it three in the upcoming season at Premier League and lead the list as no 1. Moreover, his tremendous season with Man Utd still keeps in the record-holding list at PL even after 13 years from his departure. In addition, he also wins the FIFA world player award in 2007 after his player of the season award.


3. highest number of goals in PL season

After breaking Ronaldo’s record Liverpool forward, Mohamed Salah scores 32 goals in a single season of 2017-18. So, Salah is at the top of the highest number of goal scores in one season at PL. Therefore, he is in the second position but due to his comeback in PL. Ronaldo can break the record set by Salah of 32 goals and again holds the record in his name.

There is no doubt in the ability of Ronaldo’s goal-scoring still at the age of 36. As in his last campaign with his former club, Juventus Ronaldo scores 29 goals in his 33 matches for the club and also in his recent Euro 2020 campaign he becomes the top goal scorer. However, Cristiano scores 31 goals in Premier during the 2007-08 season.

4. Most hattricks

The most hattricks in the history of the Premier League is held by Argentinean and former Man City striker Sergio Aguero. Sergio is followed by an Old Trafford legend Wayne Rooney with 8 hattricks in his name. Therefore, Ronaldo has 57 hat tricks in his career but from his 57 Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United has only one hat trick.


Although, Ronaldo is far behind to break the record of Aguero 12 hattricks. But he can pass over Rooney’s record during his 2 seasons with the Red Devils. And can be the second player in PL with the highest number of hat tricks after Sergio.

5. The only old age player to score a hat-trick

Cristiano Ronaldo is 36 years old now and in the next year in February, he will be 37 years old. Therefore, at this age, his goal-scoring hunger and playing ability are still the same. Ronaldo is one of the best forward in the world and is always on the list of prestigious individual trophies. Man Utd brought back their best player in history with a two years contract deal.


In the year his contract expires in Old Trafford Ronaldo will be turning 39 years old. During his 37-39 years in Premier League Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United can become the only old age player to score a hattrick.


6. Most goals in a single month at Premier League

Cristiano Ronaldo was the best footballer in the world along with Lionel Messi for the last 15 years. The four-time Pichichi award winner during his time at Real Madrid can score hat tricks and brace consecutively for several times. So, due to this tendency, he can become the second only player to score 10 or more than 10 goals in a single month of PL season.


This record is held by one of the best strikers Luis Suarez during his time at Liverpool. Therefore, he scores 10 goals in a single month. Ronaldo can break this record of Luiz Saurez in his upcoming season at PL. Saurez is the only player to hold this record in his name still after his departure 8 years back from Liverpool to Barcelona.


7. Ballon d’Or award record

The Portuguese star forward Cristiano Ronaldo had already won five Ballon d’Or awards in his career. Ronaldo wins his first Ballon d’Or award with Man Utd in the year 2009 during his last season at PL. He is the second-highest Ballon d’Or award winner after Lionel Messi in history. However, Ronaldo will always be a top contender to win the award till his retirement from football.


Therefore, Ronaldo holds the record for the most number of Ballon d’Or awards with Michael Owen. As both the player has own one each. So, it will not be surprising to see Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United to win his second Ballon d’Or award. And to become the only Premier League player to win this prestigious award two times and his six times by equalizing with Lionel Messi.


8. Man Utd player with the most number of goals scorer in UCL

The highest number of goals score record in the UEFA Champions League by The Red Devils player hold by Nistelrooy with 12 goals in his nine UCL matches. Although Ronaldo is the highest number of goal scorer in the history of the Champions League. Therefore, he also holds a record of the most number of goals by a player in a single campaign of the Champions League with 17 goals in his name.

However, he is third in the list of the highest number of goals scored by a Manchester United player in the UEFA Champions League. So, this time Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United can break the record of the highest goal scorer in UCL

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