Who is Christian astu wife? All Details about Marie Claire rupo

Christian Astu wife
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Christian Astu wife is a Ghana National Football Team and Hatayspor Club professional footballer. In Senior Football, he has also played for Chelsea, Everton, Bournemouth, and Newcastle United Club. He made his senior football debut in 2011 with the Porto club and has since made a total of 272 games and 32 goals. Christian Atsu recently went missing during the Turkey Earthquake, and he died on February 18, 2023. He is leaving his parents and a little family with a gorgeous wife and children behind.

Who is the wife of Christian Atsu? Rupio, Marie Claire?

Marie Claire Rupio is Christian Christian Astu wife and a stay-at-home mom. Before getting married in 2012, the pair enjoyed a lengthy relationship. Christian and Marie Claire Rupio have known one other for a long time. There isn’t much public information on her because she keeps her personal life secret, and she has yet to register a social media account.

Rupio, Marie Claire Height, weight, and age

Marie Claire Rupio was born in Germany in 1992 and is presently 31 years old. She stands 5ft 5in tall and weighs roughly 55 kg. She enjoys staying fit and eating a nutritious diet as the wife of a sportsperson.

Christian Atsu met Marie Claire Rupio in what way?

Christian Atsu and Marie Claire Rupio originally met in Portugal and became close friends after meeting on multiple times. Eventually, after getting to know one other well, they began dating and eventually married in 2012. They enjoyed a lovely marriage for 12 years before Christian Atsu died.

Are Christian Atsu and Marie Claire Rupio parents?

Christian Atsu and Marie Claire Rupio are the parents of three children. The charming couple married in 2012 and were close friends before they married. They have two sons and one girl. The girl is the youngest among them, and both guys are older than she is. They are still children and attend school.

Rupio, Marie Claire Religion, ethnicity, and nationality

Marie Claire Rupio was born in Germany and raised there. She finished her schooling at a public high school and has a German passport, thus her nationality is German. Natacha is a Roman Catholic who attends church on a regular basis. She always thanks the Lord for a wonderful family and her husband’s prosperity. In terms of ethnicity, she is of white ethnic origin. In conclusion, her nationality is German, her ethnicity is White, and she practises Christianity.

Instagram OF Marie Claire Rupio

Marie Claire Rupio has yet to register an Instagram account and is not on any other social media network. Numerous Christian Atsu supporters have developed fan profiles for the Atsu family and frequently upload photographs of her visiting the stadium to support her husband during matches.

Marie Claire Rupio Net Worth and Salary

There is no information on Marie Claire Rupio’s net worth or annual income accessible in the public domain. Yet, her total Net Worth with her spouse is reported to be approximately $2 million.

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