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Brabroune Stadium CCI Pitch is batting paradise and is the cricket stadium located in the western part of India in Mumbai and this ground has the capacity of 50,000 people and has featured in just concluded series of India Women vs Australia Women 5 Match Series and this Year IPL Matches also. This stadium under lights looks very beautiful, breezy wind blowing across the ground which would relax the spectators and players, lush green outfield looks spectacular and open stands with ends of Pavilion End and Church Gate End looks very spacious and eye-catching and further aspect of Dew especially in Day-Night Cricket formats [ODi’s and T20] played very crucial and most important role in this stadium and at the pivotal juncture of the match of [IPL And International].

This dew hurts the bowlers especially spinners the most as compared to the Fast Bowlers respectively. This really favors the batter and changed the complete complexion of the Cricket Game both in IPL and International matches specifically. This is the home team and ground in domestic cricket First Class Cricket [Mumbai Men’s Cricket Team] and in IPL [Indian Premier League] team Mumbai Indians earlier now shifts to Wankhede Cricket Stadium significantly.


The Pitch is of red soil and texture red in nature used in this stadium and in general terms red soil pitch is the bouncy pitch in which bowlers get extra bounce, seam movement, swing and grip also turn from this pitch for [Seam, Swing, Spin Bowlers] collectively and Batter play through the line shots as the bounce extract from the pitch is not variable [True Bounce Pitch] which is paradise for batters also. As a fast bowler in India usage of SG TEST Ball applicable which is of more upward and pronounced seam so, in this red soil wicket or pitch of Mumbai they doesn’t extract much reverse swing but little bit of reverse because of red soil smoothness and less abrasive in nature as compared to black soil notably.

The red soil pitch is the ideal pitch in brabourne stadium or Wankhede Stadium for both batters and bowlers because of his true nature wicket, batters playing sumptuous, delightful and excellent shots and bowlers also very much fascinates and much interested from this pitch and take wickets with patience and accuracy in line and length because this pitch offers extra bounce, substantial movement [Swing and seam] Swing off the air and pitch and seam off the surface also and also fair amount of turn for spinners in four day format of Cricket.


In white-ball format especially in T20 Cricket in addition to dew this brabourne pitch has become pretty one sided in the favor of Batters [Batting Paradise ] with true bounce they hammer the bowlers. The fast bowlers get very little purchase when the ball is new for 2 to 3 overs and then this surface has become a batter friendly surface with no assistance from fast bowlers and spin bowlers unless their is live grass on the pitch which is helpful for bowlers but the dew also hamper the chances of them in a sustainable manner. So, This is the Brabourne Stadium Pitch Report.

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