Border Gavaskar Trophy 2023

Border Gavaskar Trophy 2023: It will be one of the top-quality tournaments. The battle between the two teams will be a tough fight for both teams. The match will be one of the most important in the history of cricket.

Shubman Gill the rising star

He is on of the top and destructive batter. When he comes out to bat hit a century. Gill is one of the rising star in the history of cricket in the current generation.

The crucial action in a game takes place in a split second. In reality, it is a game of milliseconds. If a fast bowler bowls at an average speed of 135 kph, that would be almost two pitches every second. According to Nathan Leamon, a former analyst for England, the ball does lose speed and departs the surface at a pace of 32 metres per second on average.

The shortest time a human has been seen to respond to a visual input is 120 milliseconds, or around one tenth of a second. The majority of elite batters must be nearly there or at worst, half as quick. They respond to the ball in 20% of a second, in other words.

Movement of the bat is very engaging and smooth and he can tackle the ball. And can hit the ball and it is very much important.

Tackling of Jadeja and Ashwin

Border Gavaskar Trophy 2023

According to the report of espncricinfo Watson said “One thing I didn’t really do [in India] was just accept what I had at that moment in time, instead of trying to be someone else,” Watson told ESPNcricinfo. “I was thinking, ‘Should I use my feet this time to get out and cover the ball from spinning or should I sit deep in the crease’, instead of going, ‘Well this is what I’ve got right now, and this is the best way for me to try and have success.’

As we quote from Alex Malcom article espncricinfo

“For me, it was going away from using cross-bat shots off the back foot in particular, which is one of my strengths outside of turning conditions.

“Using a straight bat to be able to hit off the back foot through the off side or the leg side. I wish I had got that through my head and then developed that instinct earlier because it’s much lower risk. All the good players, especially from India, very rarely do they use cross-bat shots, especially for a pull shot. They’ll hit it with a straight bat to be able to hit it through the leg side.”

Further Statement Border Gavaskar Trophy 2023

Border Gavaskar Trophy 2023

“Facing him when the ball is turning compared. To when the ball is not turning is just chalk and cheese,” Watson said. “It’s like you’re facing a different bowler when the ball is turning because he’s flatter, he’s faster, he’s accurate all the time. He’s always at the stumps.

“One will turn or one will skid through. He’s very hard to be able to work through as a right-hander, to find a method that’s going to not just survive but also score runs.

Obviously Australia has got some really good players of spin in there with Steven Smith and Marnus Labuschagne. They’ve got a number of lefties as well which will negate Jadeja. A bit more with the ball just turning in. If I had my time again, I would definitely play with a straighter bat to Jadeja.”

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