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Best batsmen in the World, Top 7 list of all-time in Cricket


1. Sachin Tendulkar

The former legend Indian cricketer batsman Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is regarded as the Best Batsmen in the world of all time. Due to his immense records in cricket, he is recognised as the ‘God of Cricket’.

Tendulkar made his national debut against India’s biggest competitor Pakistan at 16 years of age. He is the best in the world because he never looked back. After his debut, he just moves forward by making huge runs and records.

During the 90s, his career is at its peak. One of his special innings in the 90s is against Australia for which he is also known as Desert of Storm.

During his 23 years in cricket, Sachin holds many records in his name. One of them is his century, he scores a century (100) 100 times. After that, he is the only player to score 100 centuries in cricket. His 100 centuries include 51 centuries in test cricket and 49 centuries in ODI.

Sachin also holds a record to be the first player in history to score 200 runs in a single ODI match against South Africa. After a year later his former, teammate Sehwag equalise his 200 runs.

2. Sir Donald Bradman

Bradman is a former Australian cricketer batsman. He made his national debut in 1928. No doubt that he is the Best Batsmen in the world of all time because of his consistency in cricket with the ability to play for a long time. Bradman holds a huge record in Test cricket.

Due to his extraordinary batting skills and techniques, he is named The Don of cricket. One of his unique batting skills is the golf ball.

During his 20 years in cricket Bradman, best test cricket record was his 99.9 batting average in Test. He also holds a record of most double centuries in Test for many years but later on, it was broken.

He comes very close to make his 99.9 batting Test average to 100 batting average. Bradman required only four runs to achieve this milestone but in the last moment he got out.

No one even can get closer to his 99.9 batting average by any sportsman till now. Bradman scores a total of 12 thousand runs in his career.

3. Vivian Richards

The former West Indies batsmen and legend cricketer Vivian Richards. He made his national debut in 1974 against India. Vivian is also the Best Batsmen in the world of all time along with Sachin and Bradman.

He always plays cricket with his utmost dedication and comfort which reflects in his batting. Batting without any care of his records just scoring runs for his teams to win the match. It shows how much he was hungry to win for his team.

During his Test series against England, where he scores 291 runs it was the peak time in his career. He scores 8550 runs in his Test career. In ODI he scores 6720 runs.

During his captaincy in Test cricket, Vivian never loses a single match. 100 first-class test centuries by Vivian. He is a very skilful batsman. His unique style and fearless batting skill can entertain the entire crowd.

4. Brian Lara

Another former West Indies legend cricketer and batsmen Brian Lara. He made his national debut in 1990 against Pakistan.  is one of the Best Batsmen in the world who grace the game of cricket in the late 90s.

He is not that consistent like Sachin and Bradman. But he is a more destructive batsman than anyone else. The 52 years old is a living legend of cricket.

Due to his brilliant record in test cricket. During his series against England, Lara made an immense individual score of 400 runs in a match. Lara outstanding performance destroys England attack.

During his 20years of cricketing career, Lara scores 11953 runs in Test cricket with a batting average of 52.88. In ODI cricket he scores 10495 runs with a fantastic batting average of 79.51.

Lara is a destructive batsman who is inconsistent but can play for long hours. His inconsistent doesn’t make him best but he is one of the best.

He is the pure classiest batsman that can never be a match by anyone in history not even by Sachin nor Bradman.

5. Ricky Pointing

Another living legend and former Australian captain Ricky Ponting. He made his national debut in 1995 against Sri Lanka. He is not only one of the Best Batsmen in the world. But also the best captain of all time.

Pointing is an unselfish cricket who only thinks about the team benefits to win the match. No doubt is the best captain in the history of cricket. During his captaincy, he holds many records in his name as a captain and batsmen two.

Australia won three World Cups under Pointing captaincy. And he is the only caption to whitewash every opponent in Test cricket. During his career as a batsman his Hook and Pull shoots are the best ones.

During his 17 years in cricket, he scores 13000 runs in Test cricket with a batting average of 51.85. Pointing is the most experienced captain in the cricket nation.

6. Kumar Sangakkara

Former Sri Lankan captain and living legend Kumar Sangakkara is also the best batsman of all time. He made his national debut in 2000 against Pakistan. Sangakkara is known for both his great captaincy and batsmen.

During his captaincy, Sangakkara leads Sri Lanka into three World Cup semi-finals with his teammate Mahela. Sangakkara made many records with his batting. One of his greatest batting records is made in the 2015 World Cup.

In the 2015 World Cup, the Sri Lankan legend Sangakkara scores 4 consecutive 100 that tournament. After that, he becomes the only player to score 4 consecutive 100s. He was followed by Indian Hitman Rohit Sharma, 3 consecutive 100s in the 2019 World Cup.

Another record by Sangakkara is in the Test series against South Africa. He scored 287 runs and made a historic partnership with his teammate Mahela by scoring 624 runs for the third wicket.

In his 15 years of cricket career, Sangakkara scores 12500 runs in Test cricket with a batting average of 57. He is the player who has the most number of test double centuries in his name.

7. Sunil Gavaskar

Legendary former Indian cricketer batsmen turned commentator Sunil Gavaskar. He made his national debut in 1971 against West Indies. He is also one of the most consistent batsmen in history.

During the phase when the Indian team is in weakness. Gavaskar helps team India in various matches from losing the game. By showing up his immense batting techniques and skills.

During his 16 years of cricket career, he scores 10122 runs in Test cricket with a batting average of 51.12. In ODI cricket he scores 3092 with a batting average of 35.13.

He can bat in different pitch conditions in grassy, wet and turning conditions of the subcontinents. After he decides on retirement it is the greatest setback for the Indian batting lineups, especially for outside tours.

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