The battle between Bengal and Saurashtra is all set at Eden Garden Final Day 2

Bengal and Saurashtra

Bengal and Saurashtra: Bengal is all set to fight against Saurashtra here at Eden garden. The wait for 33 years Ranji trophy tittle is all set to begin on Friday.

Captain Manoj Tiwary is all set to take the revenge 2019-20 titte decider with an amazing clash aginst Saurashtra. However Saurashtra will fight back with bengal and got Major boost Because Jaydev unadkat return from Indian team camp to Saurashtra team.

Bengal have won their last Ranji trophy way back in 1989-90 under the leadership of Sambaran Banerjee. yet again Bengal is all set to take on Saurashtra to fight back and win the trophy.

Laxmi Ratan Shukla will take lots of positive thing for each department of Bengal bowling and batting. The Middle order batter Anustup Majumder will give a tough fight. To Saurashtra and he will bat destructively and try to win the game.

Anustup The destructive batter

Meanwhile Anushtup has scored 790 runs innlast 9 games. While he will give a amzing fight and will take positive note from Captain of Bengal. All-rounder Shahbaz Ahmed will deliver both bat and ball he is also one of the top quality player and take the match from Saurashtra.

Major Boost Saurashtra

Saurashtra pacer jaydev Unadkat return was a major boost. For Saurashtra will give a tough fight and they will and he will get a huge movements with the ball. The pitch here at Eden Garden is green top and the bowler will get a major boost and will deliver with the ball.

The confidence goes with Bengal

Abhimanyu Easwaran and Sudip kumer Gharami will give lots of confidience. To the home side and will get a boost and bengal. It will not let any stone unturned with their batting and balling.

All fans are cheiring up for the Fight. And it will be one of the tough fight and bengal will fight back and win the match. And it will be one of the amazing bengal and it will be one of the Destructive batter.

Saurashtra won the toss and elected to bowl bat and it will be one of the tough fight against Bengal and team will fight back.

A Manoj Tiwary Fan Travel from Bangalore Bengal and Saurashtra

A fan travel From name is lohith Kumer. He is a big fan of Manoj Tiwary. He said he loves cricket and Manoj Tiwary and he watch cricket and travel accross the state. While He came to kolkata to watch cricket and Manoj Tiwary.

Bengal’s not a good start Bengal and Saurashtra

Sumanta and Eswaran come out to bat for Bengal scoring 1 runs. And it is one of the tough fights going on here at Eden garden and it is one of the Destructive batters and the ball is travelling and getting the movement from unadkat.

Bengal lost Easwaran jaydev Unadkat destructive balling and got a movement and Easwaran got out. Sumanta got out by 1 run and it was one of the Destructive bowling by chayan Sakariya got the wicket.

Saurashtra got 3 wickets chatan Sakariya hitting the deck hard and creating huge pressure on Bengal and getting the wicket. The pitch here at Eden garden is green top and creating huge pressure on bengal. Bengal 14 runs.

Chatan Sakariya the destructive baller Bengal and Saurashtra

He is one of the most destructive batters and creates the deck hard. He is one of the best ballers and creates huge pressure. While He took 2 wickets with the economy of 2.67. However Sakariya is one of the destructive ballers and creates huge movements with the ball.

Jaydev Unadkat the Destructive baller

The day 2 will start with and tough fight Bengal take Saurashtra loss 2 wickets.He is one of the top quality baller for Saurashtra and for India. He is creating the movement with the ball and creating for Saurashtra and bengal got huge pressure and got wickets. When it comes to bowling Jaydev Unadkat the games come and put huge pressure on bengal and hitting the deck hard. His comeback in the Saurashtra team from Indian camp was a huge boost for Saurashtra.

Eden garden is Setting up for the top final and hitting the deck Hard and creating pressure. Anushtup Majumder hitting with the bat and hit 4 and bengal score 21 runs loss of 4 wickets.

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