Atl.San Luis vs Necaxa- Who will win the First Match of the Season?

Atl.San Luis vs Necaxa

Club Necaxa and Atl. San Luis will start the first match of the year and the league. In 2022 Pachuca won the Liga MX title by defeating Toluca an 8-2 aggregate in the final. In Liga BBVA Mix each team have to play 17 matches to reach the knockout stages. the previous season, both Necaxa and San Luis could not stand out and finish their league in 12 and 13 positions by only one point difference between them. They are not really in the running for the title. So this year they will try to come back stronger and rectify their mistakes.

Both teams have the ability and talent to compete for the crown. So let’s look at their previous and upcoming details in this article of Atl.San Luis vs Necaxa who will win the first match of the Season?

Previous Meetings:- Head-to-Head Necaxa vs Alt.San Luis

The last meeting between both teams took place in August 2023 where Necaxa won the match with a clear domination of 3-0. During the match, Necaxa’s Jahir Barazza scored a brace. They have played the match in Necaxa’s home ground and this time again they will play in their home which will provide them with a better advantage than Atl.San Luis.

If you see their head-to-head records between Atl.San Luis vs Necaxa, San Luis doesn’t compete much better with Necaxa. Besides their better performance as compared to them because Necaxa is much stronger than San Luis.

Match Preview

Club Necaxa

They always remain under pressure to perform higher because their expectation of them is much higher. Their new Argentine Manager Andres Lillini will be felt that pressure but he has that experience and has shown it with his previous club in Division.

Atletico San Luis

While on the other side, San Luis is one of the teams that is not easy to break down even though they don’t have players like Necaxa who can score more than one goal.
To win the match San Luis has to hold the game for a longer period or score a goal against Necaxa.

In the conclusion, it will be interesting to see Atl.San Luis Vs Necaxa both side will try to start their campaign with a win.

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