Asia cup winners list and details

Asia cup winners list

The Asia Cup is the only one continental tournament and the winning country team becomes the winner of Asia. It happens on the basis of every two years between ODI and T20I format. Know more about Asia cup winners list.

Asia cup winners

India is the most strong team with seven cups. India is lead by Sri Lanka as the second most fruitful squad with five Asia Cup titles. Team India has titles in the years 1984, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1995, 2010, 2016, and 2018. The first season of the Asia Cup game took place in 1984. In the United Arab Emirates. The last tournament was held in 2018.

the most successful team

India is the most successful and strong team in the whole Asia continent. India consists of full of Legends. Who rules the world.

Asia cup winners list

In 1984 India was the winner against Sri Lanka, hosted by UAE.

In 1986 Sri Lanka won against Pakistan hosted by Sri Lanka.

1988 has the winner India, who against Sri Lanka. Bangladesh hosted it.

In 1990/91 India again won against Sri Lanka which was hosted by Bangladesh.

1995 India defeated Sri Lanka in UAE.

In 1997 Sri Lanka hosted the tournament and Sri Lanka won against India.

2000 Pakistan won against Sri Lanka hosted by Bangladesh.

In 2004 Sri Lanka beat India at their home as hosted in Sri Lanka.

2008 Sri Lanka again beat India as hosted in Pakistan.

In 2010 India beat Sri Lanka in India where it was hosted.

2012 Pakistan beat Bangladesh in Bangladesh.

2014 Sri Lanka gave fight to Pakistan and won in the hosted country Bangladesh.

In 2016 India won against Bangladesh in their home in Bangladesh.

Last in 2018, India beat Bangladesh in UAE.

India is ruling. So, these are the countries and full details of Asia Cups winners.


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