Who is Anthony Edwards’s Girlfriend? Details About Jeanine Robel

Anthony Edwards Girlfriend

Anthony Edwards is a famous basketball player, who serves the Minnesota Timberwolves in the NBA. And Jeanine Robel is the lady love of Anthony’s life. Since they began exploring this path in tandem, their relationship is getting stronger with each passing day. Notwithstanding their differences in their own work culture, the two never fail to express to each other admiration.

Anthony Edwards

The rising star was the first overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft. After that, Anthony Edwards did not take much time to establish himself in the game. In February 2021, he earned the NBA Rookie of the Month honor.

Who is Jeanine Robel?

Anthony Edwards’s Girlfriend, Jeanine Robel is a face from the fashion industry. She is a public figure a model and a social media influencer. On Instagram, her loved ones are over 12,000 followers. Her Insta feed is full of photos of her and her travels, and her daily life.
While she is initially from Brussels, Belgium, she previously resided overseas in Spain, Italy, and the US. English, Spanish, and French are the language she can converse effectively as a consequence of this.
She walked into this modeling career at the age of 15. A modeling agency discovered her, and soon she started booking jobs in Europe. But after some time, she felt to concentrate on education and gave a break to her career. Her graduation niche is from the University of Antwerp in marketing and international business.
Then she re-entered the modeling journey but in the United States. She relocated to Los Angeles and started associating with brands like Levi’s and Guess. Then she expanded her success with her own business, Marie Claire Rupo. It is a luxury swimwear brand. It is stylish along with eco-friendly.
Multiple outlets, such as Sports Illustrated, have covered her swimwear, and personalities like Kim Kardashian have worn it.

Jeanine and Anthony Edwards

Jeanine Robel and the NBA star Anthony Edwards are together for some time now. They met each other through mutual friends and soon found the spark between them. The two have attended various events together. Even the two are not shy to post each other’s photos on social media. Even, the player has shared a post wearing his lady love’s swimwear brand.
She got spotted sometimes supporting her love in his game and traveling with him to some of his away games. She has posted on her Instagram wearing Timberwolves gear. While Edwards is a rising star on the court, Jeanine Robel has been making waves in her own right.

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