Abu Dhabi GP weather report: What conditions await the drivers in the final race of the 2022 season?

Abu Dhabi GP weather
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Formula 1 is heading for its final race of the 2022 season and here are how the weather conditions fare for the Abu Dhabi GP.

After the Brazilian GP, we are headed to the final round of the 2022 season. The Sao Paulo Grand Prix was rather dry with rain having little effect on the whole race weekend although a lot more rain was expected. Only Qualification was truly affected by rain.

Now, the upcoming race in Yas Marina is also expected to be a dry one. However, the winds could play a major part this weekend.

Mostly, the conditions in Abu Dhabi remain stable and predictable. The races are mostly dry due to the region’s climate.

Let’s take a look at the track and conditions for the weekend…

Track layout

The Yas Marina Circuit is situated on Yas Island just east of Abu Dhabi. The 5.5-kilometer-long racetrack consists of 16 tracks and 2 DRS zones. With its 1.2-kilometer-long straight between turns 5 and 6, the track provides multiple overtaking opportunities.

The track was built in 2006 and first featured on an F1 calendar back in 2009 with the Abu Dhabi GP. The track layout was altered in the 2021 season shortening the distance to 5.28 km.

The last year’s Abu Dhabi GP gave us one of the most controversial races of recent times. We are again en route for some thrilling racing action with the close second position fight between Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez.

Weather forecast for the Abu Dhabi GP

Here is day by day analysis of the expected conditions in Yas Marina.

The weather conditions are expected to be pleasant as the cars hit the track for the first time on Friday. The temperature will top at 31 degrees Celsius for the opening Free practice. The temperature will drop in the evening for the second free practice to around 28 degrees Celsius.
Winds will be stable throughout the day although gusts moving at 15 mph might make things a bit difficult for drivers.
The chances of rain stand at zero percent. However, the humidity is expected to be around 62% by the end of FP2.

For the final practice on Saturday, the maximum temperatures are expected to be around 30 degrees Celsius. The temperatures will drop later in qualifying to around 28 degrees Celsius.
Gusts will still be a concern with the speeds reaching 22 mph while winds mostly remain stable.
The chances of rain again stand at zero percent. Humidity, however, will increase to 64%.

Lights will go out under dry weather conditions with temperatures reaching a peak of 29 degrees Celsius on the race day.
The Gusts, however, will again see an increment with speeds reaching 27 mph. These speeds can be a matter of concern given the complexity of these modern F1 cars. The aerodynamic structure of the 2022 F1 cars is further sensitive to such gusts.
Rain is again not a matter of concern with chances standing at zero percent. The humidity would stay similar to Friday and Saturday at 61%.

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