A look at net worth of Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo net worth
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Australian Formula 1 driver and star Daniel Ricciardo has various achievements to his name. The McLaren driver is an eight-time F1 race winner. The Aussie has more wins than 14 current drivers on the grid. Ricciardo is famous for his divebombs on the insides and has pulled off some amazing overtakes in his career.  His career might be at its lowest currently but it’s not all ending for Ricciardo. Here is a look into the net worth of Daniel Ricciardo.

The net worth of Daniel Ricciardo

Besides the eight wins to his name, the F1 star also owns a considerable fortune. His fortunes greatly sum up his career in Formula 1. The exact value or worth is fairly difficult to judge but reports indicate that the Aussie driver has a net worth of around $96 million. The ex-Renault driver had a whopping salary of $35 million per year during his contract with the team in 2018. Reports indicate that his salary dropped last season to $15 million which still makes him the 7th highest-paid driver on the grid.

Ricciardo purchased a mansion worth $13 million in Beverly Hills back in 2018.


Every famous sportsperson and athlete is no less than a celebrity and it is no surprise that Ricciardo has various endorsements to his name.  The “high-performance athlete” is being sponsored by the likes of Go Pro, Blue Coast, Puma, and more. The exact worth of these deals mostly remains hidden so it is difficult to say how much exactly these advertisements might help the Aussie. However, it is sure that these deals must gather a lot of value for the Aussie.

Ricciardo is very famous among F1 fans because of his personality further adding to his credit.

Ricciardo future expectations

There is no doubt that the current F1 driver is going through a rough patch in his career. It is all but clear now that the 33-year-old won’t be on the grid in 2023. The drop in performance can have a direct effect on his wealth. However, for terminating his contract early, it is believed that the Aussie racer received a good amount of fortune.

For now, at this pace, the net worth of Daniel Ricciardo will soon cross the $100 million mark as he already has a place as one of the richest drivers in Formula 1.

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